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A Couple of new kits coming soon

I just saw brother Daves test build for the Wheel Write Building and it looks great. lt’s a rustic frame building that’s intended to be built into a hillside. Im taking the same structure (almost) and adding a waterwheel and flume to make a great pond side mill. (coming a little later)

I just put the finishing touches on the grain/coal silo and I have to say it looks fantastic. I know Dave is looking forward to building it. I’m going to add a covered dump shed at a later date . (had it done but the file got corrupted)

The promissed engine house has been delayed because I went and made 2 of them and can’t make up my mind on which to finish first.


Epic modeling  

In response to  Joe N., I’m no Nolan or Doane but I certainly don’t feel bad about my efforts and am very proud of the work done by our community of cardstock friends.


Through Girder Bridge now available

I just posted our through girder bridge for download in O and HO scales.


New pix from Bob Bruce

Bob sends his build of “Smitty’s” for our enjoyment. Over time Bob has sent lots of stunning kit bashes culminating in the “bruce hotel/hotel columbia”. Well this smitty’s is almost stock with his usual clean exceptional build. Thanks Bob