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New Kit Available, The Coal Company "Patch House".

Hi everyone.  I know it’s been a while, but I think you will really like this new kit.  P/N S-115, The Cloverdale Coal Co. “Patch House”.  It’s only $12.95.  Check it out.  As it says in the name, it is from the Cloverdale Coal Co. in Cloverdale PA, from around 1910.


A nice build from Joe Coen

Here’s a really nice build of our office trailer kit, by Joe Coen. He says it is inspired by one used by the Santa Fe, in Conroe TX, when the original building burnt down. It is in S scale. I really like the Coke machine he scratch-built from a picture in a magazine. Great job Joe.


My summertime project

As I mentioned below, I’m taking the summer to work on getting my O scale 2 rail modules out of mothballs and adding to them so I can finally run some trains. The plan below is what I’m hoping will happen. The stretch of track at the top is basically my existing modules with a bit of modification. The dark colored track is running. The rest is around three walls in my garage. The space is about 27’ long x 13’ wide. I started by building a new wall down the center of my 2-1/2 car garage and insulating so I can run all winter. My Harley currently sits in the center of the horseshoe. It will be in storage over the winter. The notch in the wall at the right encloses a staircase to the 2nd. floor loft. The gray 180 at the left is a free standing pair of curves that can be put in place, in front of the overhead door, for continuous running. They are not built and will be the last piece, since back and forth switching is what I enjoy most. It is a pretty tight layout with mostly 36” radius’s and #5 turnouts, but the largest engine I own is a Pennsy H-9 Consolidation and it runs just fine. Most cars are 40’ with some 50’s. I also have a bunch of small critters. Well that’s all for now. I’ll be back with more.


The Latest FREEBIE is now available

Something a little different this time.  We already have various crates scattered in some Kits and Textures, but these are brand new.  Different sizes and different wood textures and colors.  Hope you enjoy them.

One last thing, I’m taking the rest of the summer off.  I’ll still be taking care of business but there probably wont be any new FREEBIES until September or so.  We’ll still be tracking the MAGIC NUMBER, but no matter how high it gets, no new freebie till fall.

I’ll be spending my time attempting to get my old O scale modular layout running again, with some additions.  More on that as it progresses.  I’m still available to answer questions.