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Customers have reported getting a message that says SORRY, product no longer available.  If you get this message PLEASE let me know as soon as possible at <>.  None of our kits are “no longer available” unless it says it right up front, where you see the picture of the kit.  It has to do with our download service assigining “new”, internal part numbers.  I don’t know why they are doing it.  I believe it has something to do with how long the item has been listed.  Its only happened 2 or 3 times so far.  I am trying to find out more information.  In any event, I just have to make a very simple adjustment in the listing and the item will be available again.  Takes me about 5 minutes, but I have to know there is a problem.  So, PLEASE let me know if you experience this.  THANKS.


Quick repeat message for newcomers to this website.

You may be wondering what the “MAGIC NUMBER” is all about.  We have always had some free kits available on the FREEBIES page of this website.  We would put up a new kit whenever we felt like it.  A few months ago we decided that YOU the customer would get involved with how often we add a new kit. SO the MAGIC NUMBER.  It represents the number of items sold since the last freebie was added to the page.  Every time the number reaches 200, a new freebie gets put up and the previous one vanishes.  SO, how offten we deliver a new freebie is totally up to you.  The more items you buy the sooner there will be a new free kit.   BUY, BUY, BUY!

And, you have been buying.  We have reached a milestone.  This is the first time we have reached 200 sales in less than a month.  25 days to be exact.  And while we are grateful, if most of the sales are really small, (we have a lot that is available for only $1.99) it still makes it really dificult to operate.  So, as I said in the previous paragraph, BUY, BUY, BUY!  (And then buy some more.)

I know, you are saying, “but there haven’t been any new kits for a really long time”.  Thanks for your patience.  They are coming.


Funny thing. The Magic Number is 000

I wonder what that means.

Go to the FREEBIES page to find out.

HINT. Look at file B).



Just wanted to let everyone know that the move to FLASH DRIVES from DVD’s is complete.  DVD’s are no more.