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I have to learn to be more clear.

Hi again folks.  I’d like to maybe make a bit better explanation of how the sale is working.  I don’t want you to think that it is just for STRUCTURE KITS.  TEXTURES and included also.  I see a lot of folks buying textures and not asking for a free one.  Not only that, but you can use the total of more than one inexpensive kit or texture and ask for a more expensive kit as long as the price is less than your total sale.  So if you made a recent purchase and didn’t ask for a freebie, it’s not too late.  As long as you ask before Christmas, your good.

Did I make things better of worse?

Any way. Merry Christmas.



This is the season for giving so   HO…HO…HO!

No, I’m not favoring that scale, just something I heard Santa say.  Till Christmas Eve morning at 00:00AM, you order a download, you can ask Santa for another of equal or lesser value.  Here is how this will work.  You will have to do something & I will have to do something.  After you purchase any download from the website, send an email to <> with your free kit choice (Don’t forget to specify the scale.), and within a day or so (depending on my “real” work schedule), I will send the download to the same email address that you used for your purchase.

Merry Christmas from Clever Models LLC


An example of HO to O up scale

Bob Bruce sent this example of an HO freebie printed for O scale.


One of my favorite kits built by Dave Rarig

I like seeing some of our older kits get the master builder treatment. That’s what we have here. Thanks Dave.