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Veterans day

Veterans day now brings to mind so many different generations and their service. From our own father who was in the battle of the bulge and so many of our friends and customers who are of the age to have served in all the conflicts since WWII, right up to today when we hear from guys who are carrying around cardstock so they can keep their hands in while in troubled parts of the world.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice.



scooped from Facebook

Dave Rarig posted this over there, I scooped it up to share over here.

Really nice build.

and this one



While looking for additional potential textures to add to Vol 2, I found a kit I must have finished about a year ago and then forgot about it. It’s a real nice kit, really nice. “Muchies’ Pawn Shop” would fit right into first street.


Just for Trainfest visitors

In just 8 days we will be at Trainfest. Brother Dave is giving a workshop and not wanting to feel too left out, I’ve decided that I want to put somthing forward too.

I put together a bonus kit for everyone who visits our booth and leaves their Email address (even better if they buy something). This B&O boxcab is a display piece. It’s 1/24th scale. (of course you can re-scale it) It’s really pretty in its deep B&O blue livery.