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Since you all are doing so good answering my last request, I'll ask more.

I’m sure any of you that have bought any of our DVD’s or Collections have realized that we have many, many more kits available than are shown individually on the GET MODELS page.

We have really not wanted to break up the collections, but interest seems to indicate that you would like us to do just that.

Recently, we have been asked about a particular kit, Zelmer’s & Co., from the Waterfront DVD and if it could be purchased separately.  Got me thinking, maybe it is time to make ALL of our kits available individually.  If we do this, it will probably add another 20 kits to our product line.  It will be a pretty big job, but if it increases sales, why not.

I’m thinking that we might start with the newest DVD’s and work backwards.

What do you think?

By the way, you can see what most of the kits look like if you go to the Collections page abd browse the contents of each collection.


Asking your interest level.


As some of you probably know, I recently did a three piece article for All Scale Rails e-zine that was a step-by-step build of Muchie’s Pawn Shop.  It seemed to be fairly popular.

Well, I’m thinking of possibly doing additional articles in the zine about paper modeling.  I have ideas for a bunch of articles, BUT I want to know, from YOU.  What would you like to see dealt with?  You can be VERY SPECIFIC with your requests.  I intend to do very detailed descriptions of specific techniques that will elevate your level of paper craftsmanship.  Paper modeling is unique in many aspects and I would like to detail as many of them as I can.  BUT, AGAIN, I want to know what YOU want explained.  So start posting your wants on the DISCUSSION page.  We’ll see where it goes from there.  Scratch-building, kitbashing, whatever.  Anything having to do with paper models.



Just this hour, we have visitors from all over the world.  Denmark, France, Thiland, Netherlands, Canada, Germany and that’s just this hour.  It facinates me how our little group reaches around the world.

We’d like to hear from you.  Are we serving your need?  How can we do it better?  I know there are a lot of US prototype modelers out there.  Cerainly, cardmodeling is even more popular outside the US.

Thank you all for making my day.



$300 from Dan Howland at etsy the Miniature Architect.  N scale and impeccable inside and out.  Worth every penny .