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Coming soon 2

A completely customizable kit.  I wanted to make something that every railroad could use.  I always like buildings that are big enough for rail access, so I did that.  I made everything customizable.  You decide everything.

Can’t wait to see what you do with it .


Coming soon 

Saw this in a discussion at the budget model railroads website.  Small, useful and lots of character.  This one is a winner.

Here’s  the inspiration.


Luck & Knotts update

As we told you, Lucky & Knotts would only be available as a FREEBIE for 1 week.  We have taken it down from the FREEBIE page, but it will return soon, for sale, after we have had some time to give it a little T.L.C.


Have a cup of joe and sit down. Write something interesting.

It would be really  great if we had more conversations going on. Pick a day, make it yours and start a conversation . Talk about your interest , your  railroad or your best memory .

A new bit of news everyday. Wouldn’t that be great.