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Models Kits

Every model shown, is an immediate download. Not all are in every scale. If a kit is not listed in your scale, you can purchase an O scale kit and print it at a .75 reduction to get S scale, or an HO scale kit printed at .54 and .3 to get N scale. Do not try to purchase a smaller scale kit and print it larger. It will not print correctly. For the best viewing experience, click images to scroll and enlarge.

Printed Kits are still available. Please use the Contact page to check for availability & receive a quote. Send us an e-mail and include the item or item's name, scale, quantity and part number. Also please include your address so we can include shipping in our quote.

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase a download, it should appear in you mailbox almost instantly. If it does not show up in 24 hours, please contact us immediately. Since some of the kits are large, you may be instructed to download more than one file. You will only be charged once, even though you may download 3 or more files. Also if you have security software running that requires a response before allowing incoming mail, you will not receive your download. Again, contact us so that we can make arrangements to send you downloads again.