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Clyde Puffer Hull fixed.

For those of you that have been waiting for the Clyde Puffer rub rail to get put in its proper place, the new sheet in on the FREEBIES page as file X2a.


Elevator Update

O.K. so I’m late again.  Family business, work (my real job) and old age have conspired to slow me down way more than I’d like.  I’m sorry that these kits are still not out.  But never fear.  I never give up.  So thanks for patiently waiting.  (again)


1st. picture of the Coal Elevator

I didn’t want you to think that I was kidding so here is the first teaser of the Coal Elevator.  Obviously, none of the details are shown, but that’s just my flair for the dramatic.  It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I’m taking the day off, but I plan on having both kits available next weekend.

Thom’s added comment: I’ve already gotten criticisim about  the missing details which is clearly stated above as not shown. We assure you there are multiple ways of loading and unloading. Chutes, pipes even a dump pit and extensive instructions. We know what you want. Don’t we always deliver the goods? No one will be dissapointed here. (The dump pit alone is a nice kit.)


The CORN CRIB is now available

This one is so easy, I didn’t even test build it.  It should pretty much fall together.  If you do have trouble with it, please let me know.