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OK, I think this is going to be it until after Trainfest. 11 new textures added.


Fire House

I have officially started work on Firehouse #3. Still in use in Gary, IN

Let the moaning and grousing begin.


7 more textures added, more coming.


The holidays are upon us

Here’s a thought as we enter the gift giving season.

Instead of hanging out in the big box stores and feeding your hard earned money into the insatiable maws of the 1%, buy from small artisans, creatives and individuals (maybe even a couple of brothers) who will inevitably put that money right back into the economy and get things moving in the right direction.

Your local artisans won’t send it off shore. They will do things like buy food (locally sourced) and pay bills which will allow then to express their creativity and bring new and fun products to all. Will Wallmart listen to your wants of a new firehouse model kit? Of course not. They want you to buy some new plastic storage bins to fill with cheap foreign made sweatshop clothes. No, if what you really want is to have influence on what’s created, it will be the small, personal folks who will do it. But only if they can  prosper well enough to have the opportunity to give you what you want and need. Walmart, Target, Bestbuy, they dont care about you.

This holiday season let’s all do what we can to help the little guys help each other.

Happy holidays