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The fate of DVD's (the immediate future)

As those of you who are Imac users know, the new Imac’s do not have DVD players installed. Just today two of our valued customers and friends brought this to our attention.

You won’t see any new button just yet, but if you request it we will make the DVD data available on SD card or jump drive.  The price remains the same.  Just make your request in the comments field when you place your order for a DVD and we will send the other medium.  You will not get a DVD, just the requested medium.

Let us know your thoughts. 


Clyde puffer optional revision

I’ve had a comment that the door/hatches on the Clyde puffer are small. Keeping in mind that hatchways on small ships are not standard door hights, my review shows that a larger door is called for. I have revised 3 files in O scale and 1 in HO that will allow for a taller door. This does not effect any of the cabin footprints.

If you wish to use these they can be downloaded from the “Freebies” section.


The WATERFRONT DVD is now available

Just a quick announcement that the WATERFRONT DVD is now available on the Get DVD’s page.  Please, if you experience any problems with a purchase, let me know as soon as you can at <>.  Every time I do this I get nervious that something will not work correctly.  (I’m not the best coder in the world.  But I’ll bet you already knew that.)  So, please send me an email with your feedback.

Thanks, Dave


A few pics from Springfield

it’s hard to discribe the Springfield experience. heres a few pix taken during set up.

The NEW Waterfront DVD is in the first row on the right next to the Haven lighthouse. Our new shingles down front.

This shot was taken on set up day. It’s almost the only chance for vendors to walk around and see the show before the crowds pack the isles.