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Have a cup of joe and sit down. Write something interesting.

It would be really  great if we had more conversations going on. Pick a day, make it yours and start a conversation . Talk about your interest , your  railroad or your best memory .

A new bit of news everyday. Wouldn’t that be great.


Lucky & Knotts Freebie is now available for the next 7days.

After the week it will be available for sale with additionall upgrades.


Just a quick announcement

As of today, O scale Creeky Shingles are SOLD OUT.  Probably never to be made again.  Hope you got them while they were available.  If someone wants to underwright the cost of producing another 100 packages, (about $1,000), let me know.


Still needs something 

 Lucky & Knotts Mining Supply.

Here’s a CG render of where it is, right now, but it needs something.  Maybe a veranda and wood plank base. I’m open to ideas .This will be a freebie for a very short time .