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The sale's a big success, so far.

Just wanted to thank all of you who are taking advantage of our 40% off sale.  You are generating some much needed sales for us.  The down side is that we are actually getting a bit behind in shipping, so I am asking you all to just be a bit more patient than usual.  We are running a week or so behind, but all is well.  You will get your orders shortly.


Dave & Thom


Learn from a master

Next week the NMRA show is in Cleveland, OH . Master builder (the NMRA says so) Jim Gore is going to host a “Make and take” tutorial on Wednesday on how to build cardstock models.

I’m going to pop in just to absorb  some of the magic and see first hand how he does it. Jim usually stays down south (when he’s not in Alaska) so this is a rare opportunity. I understand, as of this writing, there are still a few seats left.

Jim will be building and leading attendies through building “Wright’s General Repair” 

Hope to see you there.


Model kit to be printed in 2014 HOn3 Annual

As I mentioned earlier, we were asked to submit a kit for publication in the Narrow Gauge Annual this year. Initially we were just going to use the Silver City Mine building, but no matter how I rearranged the art, I could not get it to fit on the 2 pages allotted.

I came up with the Silver City tool shop.

Hope you like it.



Hello everyone. Here’s the deal on the new sale. For the entire month of July, 2014, ALL products are 40% off . Here’s how it will work. Your going to have to work a bit. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you are purchasing a DOWNLOAD, you need to enter the following Code number in the box provided at checkout. 3N00RZ41 The only place you will find that code number is here. OOPS! I forgot this in the original posting. If you are buying SHINGLES or DVD’s, then I will refund the 40% back to your Pay Pal account (or credit card). Sorry about the inconvenience, but there is just no way to do a discount through Pay Pay unless it’s an EBAY purchase. (We don’t want to go there.) (Downloads go through a different service that can do discounts, but they can’t do physical products.) REFUNDS MAY TAKE UP TO 10 DAYS. (Depending on my work schedule.) Just as a bit of explanation regarding some of the feedback I received, it would take quite a long time to change all the prices and then change them back after the sale. Then it would be the End Of Summer Sale. (LOL)