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New Zealand N scale from Steve Cox

Steve recently discovered our kits and has sent us these pix of his N scale Habbakers garage.

Unless N scale is much bigger down under, these are phenomenial. We can’t wait to see more.

Welcome to the fold Steve.


This is a test

This is the beginnings of a clickable index of pictures on this website.
Table Picture
Steel Buildings
I’m just feeling my way along and messing around until I figure out how I want to do this, so please bare with me.
These items are all clickable and if you click on them you will travel to never never land. You just use the back arrow to return here.

John Kosma video

John sent us a link to a video of his award winning Gypsy Trolley Line. It’s a real crowd pleaser every year at Train Fest in Milwaukee. It gets longer every year but stays 9” wide. You’ll see lot of Clever Models kits and textures as its all made from paper. Follow the link…

Thanks for sharing your inspiring layout John.



Jim Gore s' Road Runner Grill

Thanks for the pix Jim.