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BACK to the July sale for a minute.

Hi everyone, Dave here.  I am making a final pass through the books reguarding the July sale and I’ve noticed some discrepancies.  I do know that on at least two orders I refunded all of your money instead of just the 40%.  My bad, it’s on me, but what I am concerned about is that everyone that ordered got their order.  EVERYTHING SHOULD BE DELIVERED BY NOW.  If you haven’t received your order yet, please contact me at <> with your order info. (PayPal order number and date please)  We will solve any issues that are outstanding.

Thanks for your help.


AUGUST info, personal and otherwise.

Hi all.  Now that the July sale is finished, including shipping, it’s time to do some other things.  The three biggest happening in the next couple of months are, moving Thom from our historical family home (which we recently sold) where he, besides all his other duties, did a magnificent job of taking care of our father untill he passed a few months ago,  the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Kansas City in 3 weeks and Trainfest preparation (November).  This is not to mention the release of the hotel kits and everything else that crops up in life.  Wish us luck.  OH! this doesn’t mean that we want you to stop buying.  We love pressure, bring it on.


July sale update... again

ALL of the July orders HAVE BEEN SHIPPED.

If you don’t see your package in the next week, contact us so we can track it. Because of the volume of orders it is possible that I missed one or two. I’m only human.



Folks, here I am to appologize AGAIN.  This is becoming a bad habit.  Orders are going out the door, but a lot slower than I would like.  We still have a bunch to ship.  I’m sorry, no excuses.  Just know that we are working as fast as we can.  Most should go out in the next week or so.  Please be a bit more patient.