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This is the pic that goes with Lynn Zelmer's Discussion Topic


Come Visit Us at Trainfest November 12th. & 13th.

Greetings all.  Finally got to look at the floor plan for the show and we are on BOOTH 4204.  Next to us on the left is Yard Goat and to the right is Exact Rails.  Across the isle in front of us is Rapido Trains and behind us and a bit to the right is Broadway Ltd.  If you don’t count the large scale railway, we are just about the geographical center of the room.  Come to see what’s new.  Watch our HOn30 layout run and just come and talk PAPER.  Here is a link to the Trainfest website if you want to see the whole room.  See you there.


Will it fit in?

One of the things I hear often from folks is: Will your kits fit in with my wood craftsman kits or maybe for background models? Well here’s a pretty great example, that says clearly, “YES” they fit in. We have had many in the past but I never thought about focusing on the point.

Ed Traxxler has become a well respected modeler known for his obsessive attention to detail. He posted this shot on Model Railroad Radio recently. Now he doesn’t often mention it (doesn’t think it’s necessary) but he mixes cardstock and wood and plastic freely. Take a close look at this great picture. Whats’ card and paper and what’s not? Here’s a clue… It’s not the background (though it could be too) 

I think this is proof.



Picture that goes with the Blue windows thread on the Discussion Page

There is a thread on the discussion page about the color of some of the windows in our kits.  This explains where the blue windows originated.