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NOTE: Some kits are available only in O Scale.
They come with instructions that will tell you
how to print them in ANY smaller scale.

Printed Kits are only available as special order items. Please use the Contact page to ask about availability & receive a quote. Send us an e-mail and include the item or item’s name, scale, and quantity. Also please include your address so we can include shipping in our quote.

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P/N S113, City Ice & Beverage Co.
As it says in the picture, we believe that City Ice was a Brewery somewhere in Pennsylvania at the turn of the century. When we saw the picture of this building, we knew we had to make it into a kit, even though we didn’t have any details but what we could see. The main Building is 39’-0 long x 22’-0 wide. The Office on the South end is 15’-9 long x 18’-3 wide. The loading Dock is 22’-3 long x 8’-3 wide. We would love the opportunity to upgrade and enhance this kit, so if you have any information on the building, please let us know. This is an intermediate level kit, but by no means difficult. Expect to spend a couple of weeks of evenings on it.
NOTE: This kit comes in O scale with instructions to print in ANY smaller scale.
Price: $9.95

If you would like to see a list of the kits on each page, click below.