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NOTE: Some kits are available only in O Scale.
They come with instructions that will tell you
how to print them in ANY smaller scale.

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P/N S53, Kirk’s Books
Kirk’s is a small 2 story clapboard store with tons of character.
It sits on a fieldstone foundation, has a rough board front stairs and an enclosed rear entrance.
This kit comes with a partial interior with bookcases,tables and chairs. Books too.
The size of the main building is 17’-9 x 17’-9. The front stairs are 5’-6 wide x 6’-0 deep and the rear entrance is 6’-6 wide x 5’-6 deep. The building is 28’-0 tall to the tip of the peak. O Scale $8.95, HO Scale $6.95

P/N S54, Beattie’s Grocery
Beattie’s Grocery has been a Southern California establishment for decades.
Now closed, the building is still in fairly good shape.
We were lucky enough to be provided with many great photos to work with.
The front porch is especially, interesting, with its ornate ceiling.
The building is fairly large, being 49’-9 Deep x 30’-3 Wide and 23’-0 Tall. O Scale $9.95, HO Scale $7.95

P/N S55, The Bunk House
The Bunkhouse, as we like to call it, is very typical of a small residence that you would find all over Australia.
Usually they would be built on brick or wood pilings.
Buildings like this would also fit right into a Louisiana Bayou, or a Florida swamp, just about anything backwoods.
Be great in a logging camp. The footprint of this model is 23’-0 x 23’-0 and 17’-0 Tall. O Scale $5.95, HO Scale $3.95

P/N S56, The Small Brick Machine Shop
We call this a machine shop, but this building could be almost anything.
It is very typical of small brick industrial buildings found everywhere.
It looks even better when extended to twice its depth.
The side shed & water tank can be located anywhere.
There are also optional roof vents that can be used in place of the windows.
O Scale $9.95, HO Scale $7.95

If you would like to see a list of the kits on each page, click below.