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Why our product is unique:

We achieve the quality and ease of construction in our kits by leveraging our core knowledge.  Our long experience in the special effects/film and engineering industries has given us the ability to use computer design and digital photography to duplicate any structure - real or imagined, in any scale.

Our model kits and textures are now available as home printable digital collections on CD and DVD.  Once printed on cardstock, our kits are cut and folded by the hobbyist into beautiful three-dimensional miniatures whose quality and character can match or rival any traditional wood or plastic kit.

Disk collections are currently available in O & HO scales.  Textures are currently available in all popular scales. Other scales are available as pre printed card stock kits until their digital versions are ready or we run out of stock.

We are also available to create custom models as time allows.


Thom Miecznikowski, is an artist and filmmaker.  He has been creating animation and special effects for over 30 years.  He is also a part of Studio Ronin.  This group creates and markets intellectual content for the entertainment and game industries.  He is also an active hobbyist, educator and gamer.


David Miecznikowski, is an experienced electrical engineer and machinist.  He has a long involvement in the hobby of model railroading and has written and published several articles on the subject.


Phil Miecznikowski, is currently employed as a Systems Administrator for a local school district and working on his degree in Networking and Technology.  He is also a member of the SCCA. (Sports Car Club of America) He provides support to his father and uncle when it comes to the design and integration of the website.  When he’s not slaving away behind a computer or in a classroom, you can usually find him out road racing his Mazda Miata or out roaming Chicago with friends.