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Just put another kit on the Buy Models page

This one is something you have seen before.  I think Thom made it available for a short time, in slightly rough form for donations.  Well, it has now been polished up and is ready for sale.  It is a three building complex made up of two white clapboard buildings and one tall, well weathered corrugated steel one.  Great beginner’s kit.  Check it ont on the GET MODELS page.


Coming soon 2

A completely customizable kit.  I wanted to make something that every railroad could use.  I always like buildings that are big enough for rail access, so I did that.  I made everything customizable.  You decide everything.

Can’t wait to see what you do with it .


Coming soon 

Saw this in a discussion at the budget model railroads website.  Small, useful and lots of character.  This one is a winner.

Here’s  the inspiration.


Luck & Knotts update

As we told you, Lucky & Knotts would only be available as a FREEBIE for 1 week.  We have taken it down from the FREEBIE page, but it will return soon, for sale, after we have had some time to give it a little T.L.C.