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2 new industrial flats just finished

These are specifically designed as background buildings. They are laid out so they can be used Flat or built as low relief but detailed models. The Philly factory is from photos I took when I was teaching computer graphics on the Villanova campus several years ago. I had the opportunity to ride the inner city transit system and this was right along the tracks and embedded into an embankment along the tracks. I made it modular so it can be lengthened or stacked. The other is more rural with a nice roofline. I don’t know what the industry makes but use your creativity. I’ll be watching to see what you come up with.

You might want to look in freebies for a really oddball but charming kit (a small trailer with a wood room addition)


A couple of things Im working on

Actually they are finished. They have been on my work bench a wile. now they are finished. I also have at least 3 lor relief or flats pretty close to finished.(I think one of them will be a freebie) 6 new kits in total.

Pretty useful and they will be under $10.


Slipped through the cracks

I just today re-discovered a lot of photos that were hidden from my view on facebook. (Somehow I have two facebook accounts and I never can tell if Im seeing everything because I don,t know which one im logged onto.) Anyway, I saw some astounding builds and it reminded me what a great group of builders we have. Maybe we need to make a “Hall of Fame” or run features on individual builders. Guys like Dave Rarig and Justin McCowan deserve to get more props for their support of paper modeling. BUT of course there are dozens of others who also deserve notice. The fault is mine for being basically an air head. I do get…Oh look shiney…distracted. If you know of a builder who deserves a shout out. Point me in the right direction. I know I’ll miss some great builders but…

Oooooo pretty.


Cortland "Fleur De Lis" sample

This is a very nice looking shingle. If any one would like to purchase this file contact me directly or wait till we can upload it. (might take a wile)