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I just like to revisit

I just like to revisit really good builds. This was done by Jerry Leeds. I dont think you can find a better model. If memory serves this was a freebie at one time.



2 in the first hour 6 to go


So how interested are you? 

It seems a lot of folks would like to see the woods mill building re imagined as a free standing colonial structure. OK, I’ll bite. If we can get 8  commitments, pre paid orders by this Friday. I will deliver the finished kit to your mailbox by the following Wednesday.

$12 bucks

If we don’t get 8 orders the kit will have to wait until the mill ships. If we get more than 8 sales, I’ll throw in an extra kit to be determined but it will be something really cool.

I will post a countdown up to 8


a warehouse flat

a nice example of what can be done with the brick and mortar dvd from Dan B