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Mill delivery action

Steps I am taking to fill the orders.  At this point, all of you have been sent the kit but for reasons out of my control, partial or in some cases nothing has been received.  Some went through with no difficulty.  Added to that I’m having problems with my laptop.  Flashing interface screens and things I have never seen before. 


Last night I sent all of the ALT pages ( those that relate to the modifications needed for the flat bottomed mill building) to my brother.  I don’t know if he recieved them yet, but if he did we will arrange a download like we do for the other kits.

I’m personaly sorry for this delay.


As promised (continued, important)

If you have not received your mill kit or received a partial kit (32 pages meant I had to break it into multiple emails)

I need to know your name and pages received.

as far as I can tell this effects one or two people. I don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks. The bonus kit will be following shortly after I confirm that everyone has received the mill kit


As promised

It’s Wednesday and I just sent out 17 Mill buildings. There are a couple of you who will be effected by a delay. If you do not get your kit today but have purchased it, the reasons will be:

1 I didn’t get a correct email address

2 File size restriction on your end (it’s a huge kit)

We will deal with these issues ASAP

This has been an interesting experiment. Had the kit mearly been put on sale, experience dictates we would have sold 3 or 4.  Showing your support and faith in us to deliver, made it worth while for me to put in the hours needed.



Gold mine mockup

A rough image composited from the actual art. This does not show the tipple or convayor. Feedback please.