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Just a reminder.

Just want to take a moment of your time to thank all of you in the paper world, for your support during our July 40% off sale.  You are keeping us very busy and that is a great thing.  BUT, REMEMBER that the sale ENDS and MIDNIGHT on the 31st.  It was great to see that we had many first time customers as well as many of you “old timers”, our long time friends.  Thom and I truely appreciate you very much.  OK, back to work.



Sale items are moving out the door, finally.  Everything currently sold will be on its way by tomorrow.  Thanks so much for your support and patience.


The sale's a big success, so far.

Just wanted to thank all of you who are taking advantage of our 40% off sale.  You are generating some much needed sales for us.  The down side is that we are actually getting a bit behind in shipping, so I am asking you all to just be a bit more patient than usual.  We are running a week or so behind, but all is well.  You will get your orders shortly.


Dave & Thom


Learn from a master

Next week the NMRA show is in Cleveland, OH . Master builder (the NMRA says so) Jim Gore is going to host a “Make and take” tutorial on Wednesday on how to build cardstock models.

I’m going to pop in just to absorb  some of the magic and see first hand how he does it. Jim usually stays down south (when he’s not in Alaska) so this is a rare opportunity. I understand, as of this writing, there are still a few seats left.

Jim will be building and leading attendies through building “Wright’s General Repair” 

Hope to see you there.