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Just for Trainfest visitors

In just 8 days we will be at Trainfest. Brother Dave is giving a workshop and not wanting to feel too left out, I’ve decided that I want to put somthing forward too.

I put together a bonus kit for everyone who visits our booth and leaves their Email address (even better if they buy something). This B&O boxcab is a display piece. It’s 1/24th scale. (of course you can re-scale it) It’s really pretty in its deep B&O blue livery.


Report from Mt. Clemens Michigan

Here is a picture sent to us by our good buddy Ron Schmitz.  He tried to get us to set up a table at this show, but we had some conflicts.  So he and his brother set up a table to show off many of the kits that they have built.  Looks like Ron’s really trying to drum up some sales for us.   Since we weren’t going to be there, I sent him 150 of our advertisement post cards.  He handed out all but 16.  Way to go Ron.


Chama pix from Jim Gore

The coaling tower at Chama is a true railroad icon. As many of you know i started a kit of this several years ago. It was perminantly side tracked as too complex/confusing to build. On the original model all of the lumber framing was folded paper.

Jim Gore requested the completed art to see what he could do with it. I swear the man thrives on punishment.

Here are some of the pictures of his accomplishment. Jim chose to replace the cardstock beams with wood.


Vol. 2 DVD update

First I want to thank those of you who have notified me of your intention to buy a disc.  I am making the first batch currently.  They will ship within a day or two of when we return from the show.  So, for those of you who will not be at Trainfest for the debut, here is what you need to do.  Any time before Trainfest, which is in two weeks, use the Paypal “send money” tab to send the show discount price of $35.00 (US) to <>.  As I mentioned, I will cover the domestic shipping.  Because I have had questions about forign shipping, I have decided that I will only charge forign orders for shipping in excess of $6.00, which is what I normally charge for domestic.  This way, everyone gets the same deal.  If you are willing to send you payment between now and Midnight, next Sunday, you can take off another $3.00 and only pay $32.00.  The ship date won’t change.  After Trainfest, you will still be able to order a DVD or a Collection download the usual way from this website, but you will pay full price, $39.95 plus shipping.

Hope to see you at the show.  We are in booth 4204 (unless they change it) right between Caboose Stop Hobbies and Exactrail.