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Thank you

for getting us through a very rough patch.

The dog days 2fer was a success and gave us a much needed boost to cash flow in August. I hope everyone enjoys their bonus kits. If you have somehow not received yours contact me and I’ll put it right.


The Modern Steel Siding from our last building is available.

Now that we have released our first modern building, it only made sense that we would make matching siding available as a texture.  It is available on the GET TEXTURES page in O, S, HO and N scales.  Sorry the price went up slightly.  Still a heck of a deal.  I’m hoping that the next building released will be a matching single stall enginehouse.  Eventually, we will release versions in Green, Brown and White,  maybe other colors.  We’ll see how they sell.


Dog days 2fer

I’m going to run a very informal sale for the next two weeks only to the folks who read this forum. Buy any kit thru the usual way and email me to tell me what your second kit (of a similar price) will be. I will email the kit to you. (The enginehouse is exempt, its just too damn big to send) Buy a DVD download and we will discuss the extras. send your second kit choice to this email (

You have the remainder of August.



Our 1st. Modern building is available.

You folks have been asking for modern diesel era buildings, well this is the first of what we hope will be a new series of modern buildings.  You have already seen some teasers.  This is just a simple blue steel building, but don’t let the simple looks fool you.  There are many optional doors and windows that can be added to this kit so you can make it uniquely your model.  We thought we would start off with the most basic of structures.