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Day 8/9 no more numbering the days

All of the major structural parts are done. Time to start laying out pages (about  24) and start a few exploded views made from actual parts. Still a lot to do, the waterwheel, penstock, loading docks etc.


Day 7 more research

I’ll start with a pic of the fake water wheel, added in the 1970’s.

It likely came from another mill. the verticle brick work was where the original woods mill was attached that housed the horizontal turbine that really powered the mill.

The distinctive brick was made from local clay on site. The building on the far side with the tall square chimney is a smithy and works today.


Day 6 (after the holiday)

I’m deep into the textures with the major walls layed out, but still at least a week and probably more. I need to go back on site to take additional photos and clarify some details.


Day 4/5 and onward

With the first set of templates layed out to scale it’s back to the photos.  First task is creating the brick master.  One might assume I just photograph the wall and be done.  I wish.  To maintain our level of resolution, I have to recreate each wall as a composit from close up detail pix.


It takes 2 to 3 hours to recreate a brick wall with enough charecter, minimal repeating paterns are a priority.  Lens distortion, contrast, the list goes on.  Each door, window, board and detail gets a couple of hours of attention.

Heres the first complete wall.  Approx 1/3rd resolution.