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A hybrid from Weston R

I thought it would be interesting to share some pix of a model that gets it coolness from Clever models textures and a good amount of modeling skill.

Weston has completely transformed a Fiddlers Green country store inside and out by using Clever models parts and textures with grant line windows.



Clyde puffer build

Robert Bruce sent these pix of his O scale Clyde puffer. Wow. i love it. He blew it out of the water.


Nice sand house build

Jerry Leeds sends us a couple of shot of the sandhouse freebie. Nicely done as usual.

A simple building that could be lots of things. Add a small ramp or a door in the back and it would make a good milk stop.



In this space previously and on the DISCUSSION page, I briefly mentioned that with all future products, we were thinking of providing them only in O scale and also providing you with instructions to print the kits out at your desired scale.  Well, we are no longer just thinking about it, with the release of the hotels, it is becoming our new way of making kits available.  For too many reasons to list, it make good business sense to us.  So, just to let you all know how this is going to work, here is what will happen with the release of the hotels.

The ADD TO CART button, will not mention scale.  There will only be one button that you can select.

There will be only one price.  Data is data.  You get the same amount of it no mater the scale.  Our new pricing model will be one price irreguardless of your final scale.  It will be lower than the historical O scale prices, but more than the HO or N pricing of the past.

Included with the kit download, will be a “PLEASE READ ME FIRST” file which will contain a lot of information about building paper model kits.  There will also be information about reducing with your printer to get the scale that you want.  With this information you will be able to produce kits in any size SMALLER than O. (1:48)  You will NOT be able to scale larger because you will run out of paper space.  This will not be difficult if you follow instructions.

I hope you all will embrace this new way of doing things.  It is what our competitors have been doing for some time and it will greatly help in streamlining our way of developing kits which should help us to get new things to market much more quickly.

One final thing about the “READ ME FIRST” file.  One of the problems of providing kits that can be scaled down is that any text on the kit pages is reduced also.  That becomes a problem when you are reducing from O scale to Z scale.  Very little is readable.  So the plan is to “Eventually” eliminate all of the text from the actual kit pages.  Any special instructions that may be needed for the kit will be included in the “READ ME FIRST” file.  Also a list of “conventions”, standards that will be used in displaying the kits, will be included.  This will be things like defining which way to bend a tab base on an icon rather than text.  Something that will be understanable, even though reduced.  I said the text will eventually be eliminated.  Until you all get used to the new way of doing things, some text will remain but you may have to view it on screen to make some of it out.

Sorry for changing things, but as we move into our second decade, we really need to move forward.

Thanks for you support and understanding.  Please send your questions to me at <> or use the “DISCUSSION” page.