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Finally, I have completed a project that I have been working on FOREVER.

You will notice that the old “BUY DISCS” button is gone.  Also the “Get DVD’s” button has changed to “Get DVD’s/Collections”.

With these changes we are introducing a new product, Clever Models LLC “COLLECTIONS”.  Yes this is the product that we asked you to help name via a contest.  I will be announcing the winners shortly, but first about this product.  A Collection is simply the contents of a DVD that is now available as a single download.  Even though the files are large, I’ve managed to keep the download times to less that 4 minutes for most systems.  Some older computer systems will take longer.

There are a few minor differences from the old DVD contents.  More and better pictures and about 60 pages of How To’s and Instructions along with enhanced recommendations for tools equipment and methods.  These are still not step-by-step instructions, but I think you will find them most helpful.

When you click the Get DVD/Collection button, you will go to the same product selection page as befor, but when you pick a product to explore you will go to a page that contains four purchase buttons rather than the previous two.  You can choose either HO or O DVD’s, just as before, but you can also purchase an HO or O DOWNLOAD of the DVD contents.  No increase in prices, but you save shipping and our overseas friends don’t have to deal with tarriffs or dutys.

I look forward to you comments, pro and con, reguarding this addition, so feel free to express yourselves.

Now back to the contest.  I am in the process of going back through all the entries and I can tell you that I allready know that we have at least two winners.  In about a week I will make the official notifications and awards of prizes.

Thanks for your continued support.


Quick Note from Dave

As many of you have already figured out, my personal email got hacked.  I appologize for the emails from me in the Ukraine that were sent.  NO, I didn’t move the company and I hope I have contained any furthed nonsense.



Jeff Damerst of Shawmut Car Shops

Jeff Damerst of Shawmut Car Shops sends these pix from Lowell Pontzer’s On30 layout.

Its a varitable CM showcase. Some nice kit bashing here. Looks like a fun layout too.


A kitbash build by Mr Kosma

  North American Prototype Modelers, Ltd.

John has created this very distressed group of buildings for this well respected Milwaukee rail club.