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I don’t know folks.  This gettin old stuff is hard to deal with.  I had planned on making this DVD & Collection available on the website, right after Trainfest.  Well, better late than never.  Just click the GET DVD’s / Collections button and on the list of all the products available you will now see one for the VOL 2 TEXTURES.  Sorry it took so long.


Christmal Village Update to the Update

Dave sent us a whole bunch of really great Christmas Village pix and in my last post I picked only one to share, but they are all so great I just had to show them all off. Thanks Dave and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you.

Christmas Village Update

In a previous post, Thom was exactly right when he said that our kits can be used as part of a Christmas Village display.  As you can see here, The Rarig family has done just that.  The Rural Church is the only model that is ours, but see how well this S scale kit fits in.  So, don’t wait for us to make you a Christmas Village.  Build one yourself.



New kit update

The fire house is ready for test building. I still need to place some windows but the structure is final. It has a rather elaborate facade. The Wood’s Mill is being test built by Robert Bruce. The initial pix are fantastic and his feedback for improvements very valuable.

Also, a new store front called “Cash Market” is being tested by Ed Traxler. For those who haven’t purchased the Vol 2 Texture Collection, there is a bonus kit called “Muchie’s Pawn” that I think folks will enjoy. That’s 4 brand new kits that, hopefully, will be available very soon.