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More pix

As promised more pix from Mase.

I’m always saying that once you get a few kits its like an infinate parts box.

Most of these are bashed from former “Freebies”


A bunch of pix from Mase Maron

Mase sent us over a dozen pix of 4 seperate builds. I’m going to split up posting them over a couple of days so as not to bury any pix but I will share the note that came with them. The first pix are “Frenchie’s”

Hi Thom and Dave,

I’m sending along some photos. Marine Machine was at the Amherst Railway show, and is a modified General Rope & Wire freebie, with partial wood siding and a covered fenced-in addition. Frenchies Shellfish Cafe is a modified kitbash of Wright’s General Repair freebie with a modified Kirk’s Books. The other two photos show the downloaded grain elevator from Bill Jones and the same elevator using Clever Models textures, with the blower house repositioned. Both structures are HO scale. I’ll be working on a modified doubled length Zelmers and a modified Marine Supply for my next projects. Keep those excellent kits coming!

- Mase


A contest model

There is a diorama contest over at the modelers forum.

Dave Fugere built this great dock scene featuring Juke’s. Having looked over all the entries, competition is stiff. Daves model is certainly a contender. (You might just go over and vote)



Dave Frary's track side scenery

I just found this link today. If you haven’t visited Daves blog, it’s the best source of scenery info I’ve found.

Dave Frary literally wrote the book and was a very early suporter of cardstock modeling. As a pro builder he uses what works and what gives him results in the least time possible. And he’s just a great guy who always has a good story to share.