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An example of HO to O up scale

Bob Bruce sent this example of an HO freebie printed for O scale.


One of my favorite kits built by Dave Rarig

I like seeing some of our older kits get the master builder treatment. That’s what we have here. Thanks Dave.


If you notice thing moving around on the GET MODELS page......

Hello folks.  I have been wanting to reorganize the GET MODELS page for quite a while to get the kits in “Part Number” order.  As I have been trying to organize things, I have been having a bit of trouble with things moving to places that they shouldn’t.  Don’t know why it is happening and everything is worling correctly as far as purchases go.  I have the hosting sevrice working on the issue.  In the mean time, you may have to scroll around to find the kit you are looking for.  I hope I will get this fixed soon.



The Clyde Puffer is now available.

We have had many request from our friends overseas to make the Clyde Puffer, from the waterfront DVD,  available separately.  Seems that they all like it, but don’t want to pay $39.95 for just one kit, because everything else on the disc does not fit with European scenes.  Well, ask and you shall recieve.  (Sometimes.)