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John Kosma video

John sent us a link to a video of his award winning Gypsy Trolley Line. It’s a real crowd pleaser every year at Train Fest in Milwaukee. It gets longer every year but stays 9” wide. You’ll see lot of Clever Models kits and textures as its all made from paper. Follow the link…

Thanks for sharing your inspiring layout John.



Jim Gore s' Road Runner Grill

Thanks for the pix Jim.



I need your help, please put your thinking caps on.

Help. I’ve got a customer that whenever he prints out any files that he downloads, they come out as you see here. It is NOT a printer issue. He seems to think it is an Adobe Reader issue. The files look perfect on the screen, but print out like this. I have printed out the exact same files he has on multiple computers and multiple printers and they come out perfect. He thinks it is some type of security encryption, but we don’t use any. Anybody have any guesses, or ideas on whats going on. He has tried different computers and printers and always gets the same thing. I’m stumped.

An important day

The CEO of Clever models LLC has a birthday today.

Happy birthday brother Dave!!!