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Why? Because we like you.

Why?  Kind of a simple idea really.  Goes like this.  We are model railroaders and we have the ability to make cool things for other modelers.  If we make cool things available for not a lot of money, maybe fellow modelers will see the value of having us around and will want to show their support by regularily buying a kit.

We’re not slick marketers or fancy business men.  Pretty naive actually. Just two brothers makin’ cool stuff.  So, if you visit and like what you see, we’d appreciate your support of a small purchase and don’t forget to help yourselves to a freebie.

We believe that if you give to the hobby, maybe the hobby can give back. just a bit. 


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From Sean Glavin

Sean sent us this extensive kitbash. a great example of what you can accomplish with our art and your tallent.


I am frustrated! (Maybe I'm just dumb?)

Recently I have gotten inquiries from people who download a file from the FREEBIES page that is clearly labeled (I think) as a repair or replacement for a flaw in one of our kits.  (DUH, yes, we do make mistakes.)  They inevitably email us and say something like I downloaded your free XXXX kit, but there was only one page, when the label on the file is “missing page #X for XXXX”.   Please let me know if I should somehow lable files that are corrections or additions to kits differently.  The free kits usually say something like XXXX KIT.  Sorry, didn’t mean to rant.  Maybe a totally new page just for corrections?