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Just loaded a little sumpthin to the FREEBIES page

Put a new file on the Freebies Page.  You’ve probably seen these before, but they have been re-done to make them a little bit better than before.  Check out Folder C.


O.K. I know I should be working on other things promised!

Yes, I know that we have promised to release many kits that you have been patiently waiting for.  I applogize for not pushing what we have promised out the door, but sometimes I just have to work on what I feel like working on.  A lot of you have asked us to expand the rolling stock line.  Well guess what, I was just fooling around (when I should have been working) and look what accidentally happened.  Theres still a lot to do and it won’t push in front of the kits already in the queue, I promise.  Just a bit of fun.   


Ok, OK

I’ve been bad, I haven’t updated in a while, but that doesen’t mean we’re standing still. We have a super kit almost ready. It’s specifically for the people who are modeling contemporary industry. Yes you’ve seen our modern era kits and you like them. We released two of them at Trainfest but there was a third kit, “Spillen Chemical”, which didn’t get released. That third kit is much more then a kit. Ostensibly a multy building plant site, It in conjunction with the other modern kits is a complete system for the modular creation of any size contemporary industry. Kind of like how we did the brick and morter collection. You’ll be seeing it very soon. It will be priced a little higher (still cheep though) because on the extras and the variations.

If you model contemporary railroads it’s the one kit you will have to have.

So what about all the other kits you have been anticipating. The fire House, the Mill, etc? yes they are taking time but they are nearing release. Both of those kits have undergone substantial modifications brought on by the test build phase and both kits will be much better for it. We don’t want to rush kits out and then have to republish a page because of a missing part or discovering a better way to do something. That’s happenned in the past and I don’t want it to continue in future. All of the kits slated for release are big. they need careful preperation and they are getting it. All so you will have a better build.


Aristoteles Held finished train shed

As promissed a couple of pix of the finished train shed. very nice build and lighting.

We are so fortunate to have such talented builders working with our kits.