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Stocking stuffer

OUR dvds make great gifts. Don’t wait too long to order. Might get busy.


Just heard

I just heard that Model railroad craftsman has resumed publishing under their new publisher with much the same staff of writers and editors. Apparently it’s a 3 month issue all in one. They were going to publish one of our kits and they told me personally at the NNGC that it would be published. I don’t know if it’s in this new issue or not, I havent seen it. Keep your eyes open.


Hotel Bruce is now available

Just posted the other hotel kit that you have all waited so patiently for.  I think we should all thank Bob Bruce for his great scratch build and his generosity in allowing us to turn it into a kit.  Thanks Bob.


A big congratulations to master model railroader Jim Gore

Your all familier with Jims’ work and his ceasless promoting and educating people about cardstock (including his up coming book) well, Model Railroader will be featuring Jim’s J&RG railroad “The Chili Line” in its December issue.

There are some great pix at this site. Not from the MR article but photographed by Greg Komar at a later date.!i=3426356426&k=L9xPwj6

I’ll be in line for my copy