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The COAL & GRAIN ELEVATORS are now available.

I know these were a long time coming, but I think they are definitely worth the wait.  You will note that in this kit I went completely berserk with the instructions, but that’s what you have been asking for.  Actually, the instructions took longer to put together than the kit.  Personally, I really like the the concrete pit for dumping the product.  It is one of the best concrete textures brother Thom has ever come up with.  Definitely NOT an ENTRY LEVEL kit.  It will require some thinking and planning and probably the better part of a month to build.  Have fun!


Cool kitbash

Here’s a great corner scene put together by Dave Sakrison, using several of our kits. Can you identify them all?


Clever Models mobile

The plan is to get to more shows. (Also I now live in it.)


Clyde Puffer Hull fixed.

For those of you that have been waiting for the Clyde Puffer rub rail to get put in its proper place, the new sheet in on the FREEBIES page as file X2a.