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Thank God for our vets.

I’ve said this in the blog before, but it never gets old.  If it weren’t for our people in uniform, we would all be in deep trouble.  Not that we aren’t, but if our service men and women don’t do what they do, I can’t imagine what this world would be like.  But anyway, I want to let you know that we have a few disabled vets that use our kits to help with their rehabilitation and we are deeply honored by it.  If you know of any military person that, disabled or not, veteran or current, that might benefit from our kits, just let us know and we will see what we can do to help them pass the time.


It's 10am central standard time...

Doing my morning mail. Since midnight, there have been 110 visitors from all over the world. Canada, Great Britan, France, Netherlands, the Sudan. It’s great to know that people from all over are enjoying our models. Each day we see hundreds of visiters, an average of 1400 page views. yet we often have days we dont sell a thing. Curiosity? The freebies? Something keeps bringing folks back. Recently we have been fortunate to have received some generous donations. They are keeping us afloat. Fact is if every visitor donated one dollar on one day a month, we’d be in good shape. I could focus fulltime on creating kits. Something to ponder. 

I’d love to converce with more of you,



It really bugs me (language edited for sensitive readers)

I get all the new kit notices from all the manufacturers as I’m sure you do, so when I see a kit offered for only $59.95 that consists of a 2” x 3” box of wood and $4 worth of castings… well folks, it just chapps my A—. We have kits that look better and serve the same purpose for less than $10. What am I missing here?