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Questions, Questions, Questions.  Clarification?

Hello again.  Apparently a couple of our latest posts have causd some questions which I hope to clarify here.

First, we don’t ever intend to charge you for visiting the website.  When we talk about generating revenue by your visits, we mean structuring and probably adding adds so that THEY pay for the website.  You already see adds over on the left side.  By using this and others, the advertisers provide the income.  There are many details to be worked out and if it detracts from the look of the website (meaning too many/too much space) it won’t happen.

Next is future projects.  YES, we have implied and promised many, many projects over the years.  Obviously, based on our completion percentage, we have not done exceptionally well in this area.  There are certain things that will deffinitely happen, because they must.  One is making all of our DVD contents downloadable.  That doesn’t mean that DVD’s will go away, but they will probably be available only at shows and by special order, kind of like we handle pre-printed textures currently.  (I have not forgotten about the “name the download” contest.  There will be a winner)

We ask for ideas for future projects because we want to know what YOU want and along that same path we want to know of all the things that we have suggested, implied and promised, in the past, what ones do you really want.  Let us know and in a week or two we will let you know which ones we will put back on the front burner and which ones will be officially cancelled.

Thanks for your continued support.


I guess I shouldn't work when I'm tired.

As some of you have noticed, just about all of the buttons on the website mysteriously vanished temporarily.  In the process of pushing to get the Hotel loaded today (my only day off this week) I may have accidently sent them to a place far far away.  Luckily, most of them are back now.  You will find a few still missing like the “S Add to Cart”, “N Add to Cart” and “View Cart”.  The icons that are in the places where these buttons usually are do work and if clicked on, will take you where you want to go.  I will continue to restore what is missing and find is anything that has else has disappeared.  Sorry, I need a nap.


FINALLY ! The Union Hotel is here.

After two years plus, it’s finally available.  Thank you all for hanging in there with us.  If you have any questions or experience any problems, please let me know.  One more thing, when you go to open the files you are going to find a lot of new and revised information.  Take the time to browse through it.  It will be worth it.


Some kit bashing

Mace Maron sent a few pix of his latest “knott & Titan” I love a good pun.