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Below is some info, from Paul, about this build.  Paul Egri and Dave Rarig have really got something going here.  Their colaborations consistently turn out better that the originals.  AND THAT IS THE POINT.  Use the materials we provide BUT, get creative and build what works FOR YOU.  HAPPY NEW YEAR.

“I sent out this model to my paper modeling friends as a Christmas gift Dave Rarig did this model in N scale It is nothing more than the Silver City Tool House doubled in length with a different siding the foundation is from the company house and the loading dock is from the mercantile The windows are something I put together by splicing parts together everything else is from the tool house.”



We here at Clever Models LLC want to wish all of you great customers out there a very Merry Christmas.

Dave & Thom




Here are some pix sent to us from the UK by David Charlesworth.  The layout is called SIMPLETON HALT and is in 09 scale, which I believe is using what we would call N gauge track.  If I guess right, I think this is our equivalent of HOn30.  Please forgive me David, if I’m wrong.  I espically like the little green engine, which I think is from our Critters & Cars DVD.  In any event, David has done a fantastic job of modeling.  Thank you for the pictures.


Fire station kit bash

Once again a kit bash improves on reality.  Bob Bruce took the newly released fire house and made a few minor changes completely blowing my mind.  He did a back date on the doors and windows (I’m working on an update that will be available soon and free.)

Enjoy the pix.