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pipeline update

Just sent off 2 new kits to my bro. The Country Church and something called National Stove and Radiator. It will take some time for them to post but I wanted you all to know that we are working to keep fresh kits coming.

I’m also working on a mill with waterwheel and floom and thesingle stall enginehouse is near completion.



I just sent the final art for the second hotel (wich we are calling the hotel Bruce to recognize the original builder Bob Bruce) and a small country church, off to my brother for his critique (which I will mostly ignore) and his checking for errors (which i will fix).

On to completing the engine house.


Manilla Rope & Cord corrections

Hello friends.  Just wanted to let you all know that the corrected files for both the HO & O Manilla Cord Kits are on the FREEBIES page.  I am currectly making a new master for the HO & O DVD’s.  Hopefully, I have destroyed all of the discs that had missing files.  Should you order a Jackson Vol. 3 DVD in either scale and get a bad one, I appologize.  Let me know and I will send you a new one at no cost.


Computers are really wierd!

Just wanted to let you guys know that the pipeline to upload new projects wasn’t really broken, just slightly bent.  Turns out that I could upload files from just about any other computer in the house, but not the one that I use every day.  It had been a while since I had uploaded anything new and since the last kit, Windows automatic updates (which I usually have turned off) said that I really, really, really, needed to install their latest one, so I let it run.  Turns out that it caused ONE STINKING BUTTON on the server interface to stop working.  Unfortunately, it was the button that allowed me to browse for files that I wanted to upload.  Well, it’s modern computer technology that allows us to create these great kits and I suppose it will be the same that makes me go mad!