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WOW! We are honored!

Got these pix the other day from Ben Streeter.  You will all probably recognize the layout, but if you don’t, this scene in on George Sellois’s Franklin and South Manchester.  I am told that he took a model of the tower you see here and overlayed it with some of our textures.  It just goes to show you what a master can do with our textures.  He even embossed all the brick lines.  I am blown away!  In case you are wondering, that is our Old Brick, on the walls and our Gray Diamond Shingle on the roof.  Ben is good friends with George and says that he often gives credit to Clever Models when speaking about his creations when he hosts an open house.  Thank You George.


I'm sorry. I don't mean to rant, BUT.

Sorry, I need your help.  I don’t know how to put every bit of useful information contained in this website, on the top line of the very first page.

That apparently is what everyone wants, because I CONSTANTLY get emails asking questions that are clearly answered if you will just take the time to read a bit of what is already here.

I realize that the current generation has no time to bother and they want everything handed to them immediatly.  Well, model railroading ain’t like that.

I know, I’m just being an old fuddy-duddy.  I’m sure I’ve already ticked off everyone and nobody is ever going to read anything here any more.

I do realize that this website has grown to enormous size and it is so much easier to ask than look.  So be it.  I will continue to answer even the dumbest questions, no matter how many times they are asked and no matter how much time it takes.

I’m wondering if FAQ page would be helpful?  I’ve probably just answered my own question.  Of course it would be.  So maybe I’ll put one together.

Thanks for listening.  I feel better now.


Brief followup on Trainfest orders.

Folks, at Trainfest this year, we had a very difficult time placing credit card orders.  It appeared that the order would proceed right up to the point where the credit card charge was processed and then fail.

BUT, apparently those orders went through and it wasn’t until we got home and I went to follow up, that I discovered that the charges DID complete processing.

So,  to make sure that everyone who had transactions pending, got what they were supposed to, if I still owe you something, would you please contact me at either <> or (708) 339-7523 (home phone, leave a message and I will get back to you).  I believe that everything is taken care of, and enough time has passed so that if I was sending you something, you should have it by now.

I appologize if there is something still pending and I will make sure that you are all taken care of.  Thanks for you understanding.


Our customers do it again!

Hi everyone.  Got this from Gerry Leeds the other day.  How cool is a spooky old lighthouse?