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Well its summertime

Traditionally this is when everyone hits the yard work and honeydo lists.

What’s on your plate. Lets hope you get to escape into that nice cool train room and create some great models.

For me, well my daughter, the zoo keeper, is in town from across the big pond to do a 4 month stint at the Lincoln Park Zoo here in Chicago. This will be the longest time I’ve been able to visit with her sinse she went to school in Cambridge, got her masters and started at a childrens zoo in London. So I might be a bit distracted myself. Sorry if this is a bit too personel but I’m just so happy to spend some dad and daughter time.


Another freebie (kinda) the experiment continues

Over the Memorial day weekend I found myself in 3 oaks Michigan. A great small town jam packed with great structures and ideas.

I was drawn to the Vickers theatre in the center of town. It was beautifully restored and I could access all sides, something I look for when creating a kit.

Well the kit is far off if ever but I did create a texture with windows that I think the scratch builders here will enjoy. That texture will be available in the “freebies” folder for the next week or so. Go get it and enjoy. If you’d like to see more of this, vote with a donation. I suggest a dollar or two.

The texture sheet is enough to cover the entire front of the building in O scale.


Memorial day "kinda freebie"

I just added a really fun kit from our fantasy line. (What fantasy line?) Take it and enjoy it. If you would like to see more from this line of craft toys, you can show your support by making a small donation. I suggest $2. I have over 10 years worth of un-released stuff like this.


This refers to the "Thank You" entry in the Discussion section.

Since pictures can’t be posted in the discussion section I present this here.  On the discussion page under the theme “Thank You” Paul Egre expressed his desire to have windows added to the front, second story of Moochie’s Pawn Shop like those Robert Bruce added in his kitbash of that kit.  Dummy that I am, I just suggested that Paul create his own version, using pieces he has accumulated over years of paper modeling.  Well, I thought I’d let you all think about my comment for a day or so before revealing the tidbit shown in the accompanying picture.  Moochie’s is really Rudy’s, mirrored with a different roof line.  And of course it’s green.  The footprints are identical and you can swap quite a few parts.  As we’ve allways said.  AIN’T PAPER MODELING GREAT.