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Just a quick announcement from Dave

Hello folks.  I have been getting comments from customers that when they try to purchase textures P/N T56, 57 or 60, that the cannot see the buttons that typically show when you click on a texture.  The pix of these textures have always been larger than others because in order to see them properly, I had to make them taller.  With the advent of monitors with a more “wide screen” aspect ratio, these textures started being a problem.  Usually, just clicking the “reduce down” button, (that’s the one in the upper right corner, right next to the red X button) would allow proper viewing.  Well, along comes Windows 10 and now that doesn’t consistantly work.

SO, I have reduced the size of the pictures of these three textures to work with the new screen formats.  Unfortunately, the web site software we use is not allowing me to put them in place of the old textures.

SO, they are added to the end of the textures thumbnails.  The old ones are still there, so if they work for you, great.  If they don’t and you want to buy these three textures, go to the end of the thumbnails.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


As promised (continued, important)

If you have not received your mill kit or received a partial kit (32 pages meant I had to break it into multiple emails)

I need to know your name and pages received.

as far as I can tell this effects one or two people. I don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks. The bonus kit will be following shortly after I confirm that everyone has received the mill kit


As promised

It’s Wednesday and I just sent out 17 Mill buildings. There are a couple of you who will be effected by a delay. If you do not get your kit today but have purchased it, the reasons will be:

1 I didn’t get a correct email address

2 File size restriction on your end (it’s a huge kit)

We will deal with these issues ASAP

This has been an interesting experiment. Had the kit mearly been put on sale, experience dictates we would have sold 3 or 4.  Showing your support and faith in us to deliver, made it worth while for me to put in the hours needed.



Lucky & Knotts siding now available on the Textures Page

Lucky & Knotts 10” board siding is now available for $2.50.  (Sorry for the increase, but…)