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I need your help, please put your thinking caps on.

Help. I’ve got a customer that whenever he prints out any files that he downloads, they come out as you see here. It is NOT a printer issue. He seems to think it is an Adobe Reader issue. The files look perfect on the screen, but print out like this. I have printed out the exact same files he has on multiple computers and multiple printers and they come out perfect. He thinks it is some type of security encryption, but we don’t use any. Anybody have any guesses, or ideas on whats going on. He has tried different computers and printers and always gets the same thing. I’m stumped.

An important day

The CEO of Clever models LLC has a birthday today.

Happy birthday brother Dave!!!



What's going on at Clever Models 

Just wanted to let you all know what is coming up for Clever Models.

Some of you have mentioned that you have seen the “Clever Paper” displays in the MRC booth at various shows recently.  Just wanted to let you all know that they ARE NOT us and have nothing to do with us.  This is a Russian company that sells punch out, printed models.  They are not seriously detailed and really don’t pose any competition, BUT the name is causing some confusion.  We are hoping to avoid a battle with them as it is a waste of resources.  Please don’t be confused.

Some of you have suggested that we develop a serchable index of this blog.  Well, I am not the best coder on the planet, so I am in the process of taking a course that will hopefully, allow me to add more “automation” to this website.

I am making slow, but regular progress on setting up the files so that you can download the contents of entire DVD’s.  There probably won’t be much if any change in price, but you will be able to have immediate gratification.  (And save shipping and duties.)

Union Hotel is moveing along very slowly.  I’m sorry, my fault.  With the passing of our father, there has been a lot of things that needed to be and still need to be attended to.  Thanks for your patience.  MAYBE, since Jim has built it without too many complaints, we might release it with the caveat that there will be a second release when I’m finished with my build.

Getting back to the index, for a moment, we MIGHT be able to knock out an index page that will show you where to find pix, but since it won’t be dynamic, it will be a nightmare to keep updated.

The next event on out schedule is the Small Layout Design Meet at the Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation Museum in Findlay Ohio on May 31st.  Much more info available at Marshall Stulls website <>  Lots of really innovative layouts to see and a miniature ride on steam train to boot.  (7-1/2” gauge IIRC)

Then the 34th. Narrow Gauge Convention, Sept 3-6 in Kansas City.  More info at <>.

We might try to do a few more things, but no firm plans yet.

Towards the end of the year will be Trainfest in West Allis WI.

As always, thanks for your support.




Replacement windows and doors (the future)

In the future, when ever possible, kits will be designed with windows and doors that will be compatible with Tichy and Grant line parts. The appropriate part number will be supplied. We feel that our paper parts look better but we can understand why some modelers would enjoy the option. Many of our kits will already do this, however, we haven’t done this purposly.