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Day 4/5 and onward

With the first set of templates layed out to scale it’s back to the photos.  First task is creating the brick master.  One might assume I just photograph the wall and be done.  I wish.  To maintain our level of resolution, I have to recreate each wall as a composit from close up detail pix.


It takes 2 to 3 hours to recreate a brick wall with enough charecter, minimal repeating paterns are a priority.  Lens distortion, contrast, the list goes on.  Each door, window, board and detail gets a couple of hours of attention.

Heres the first complete wall.  Approx 1/3rd resolution.


Day 3 of the process

Once I’m satisfied with the 3D model it is converted into a .3ds file and exported to Pepacura, a Japanese program that unwraps/unfolds the model into a 2D flat image. The first unfold is never 100% correct and further editing is done.

editing takes a couple of hours.

At this stage I know that when folded the fit of the kit is perfect.  We’re finally ready for Photoshop.

After importing the template.  I cut it up and scale it to fit 8.5”X11” paper in Oscale.  A page in O is approximatly 30’ x 40’ usable feet.  This 3 story building just barely fits.  Tomorrow I will start adding photographic textures.


The process

I get the feeling that most people don’t understand how much time and effort goes into the creation of a Clever Models kit.

Over the next week or so I’m going to share the steps I’m taking to realise a model of the Wood’s mill.  It starts with finding the structure and taking dozens of photos.  I also do a follow up web search to see if there are earlier historic images.

The 3 bars in the first pic are rough measurment rules.  Along with measurments made on location, I can move on to making a low detail 3D model.

Flne detail is added later.  This model confirms my extrapolated measurments and a pleasing proportion.  I’m also starting to think about the engineering on how the model will go together.

I check the model through the softwares’ camera against several photos and from all angles to make sure everything fits before exporting to the unwrapping software.

That’s all for now, approx. 2 days invested.


Found wile on a photo safari

Deep river park, Hobart, In. Wood’s mill. I already have a mill but i cant pass the opportunity.