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Summer Sale Coming

Hi everyone.  Summer has started and business is slow, SO it’s probably time for a sale.  But wait a minute, there’s a problem.  The last sale we had was only on DOWNLOADS and I promised that the next one would be on DVD products.  Well because DVD sales are processed through Pay Pal, there is no way to automatically apply the discount to your purchases.  Believe me, I’ve tried to get them to explain how to do this and they say that there IS NO WAY.  It was easy with the download products because the download host applied the discount before sending the transaction over to Pay Pal for processing.

SO, how would you all feel about a sale where you pay full price and within a couple of days, I will refund you the discount amount?  This will be a hassle for us, but I can’t figure out any other way to do it.  I’m willing if you are.

I am going to wait for comments and replies for a day or two before I do anything.


Creeky exploded view

I hope this clarifies.


More pix of the Madelin Island RR (photographer unknown)

I really need to take more pictures (and will) of the Mad Island RR  

A little history,  Madelin Island is a verdant rocky outcrop in western Lake Superior.  I can’t say weather it’s in the US or Canada.  I don’t think either contry wants it and that’s just fine with the native Madeliners.  I don’t think there’s any danger of a Falklin-esk dispute since the islands two exports are hardly critical to the military industrial complex.  As far as we know the island has always been good fishing and the local tribe runs a healthy export of high quality lake trout and perch.

Lumbering is not allowed, as the small island would have been scraped clean over a hundred years ago. The mining however. has been practiced since the turn of the 20th century when prospectors started pulling copper out of the hills.  The Mad Island mine was established in 1900 to exploite this.  To get the oreto the rather nearby stone quay (only a quarter mile) a funicular was proposed, however the mining company owned a played out gold mine that had a small railroad and it was decided that it would be dismantled and shipped to the island.  Rebuilt into a serpentine afair of switchbacks and loops, the narrow gauge shortline now serves the copper mine, the fishing industry and the small town of Celebration. The railroads roster is 2 locomotives and exactly 5 pieces of rolling stock, 2 hoppers, a tank car, flat and boxcar.

One more thing, Madelin Island is very haunted.


Help us spread the word

On these blog pages and especially with the new search button it’s easy to see all of our kits in their best light.  Help us spread the word on how you feel about our kits.  We face a tough summer season, when folks are in the garden and “honydo” lists take us away from our trains.  A few words among friends really makes a difference.

I know a lot of you are waiting for the NEW Hotel(s).  They are almost there and will be worth the wait.

There’s a lot going on in the background that has slowed us down.  This is agood time to let us know what YOU want to see.

Thanks for your continued support, friends.