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Vol. 2 DVD update

First I want to thank those of you who have notified me of your intention to buy a disc.  I am making the first batch currently.  They will ship within a day or two of when we return from the show.  So, for those of you who will not be at Trainfest for the debut, here is what you need to do.  Any time before Trainfest, which is in two weeks, use the Paypal “send money” tab to send the show discount price of $35.00 (US) to <>.  As I mentioned, I will cover the domestic shipping.  Because I have had questions about forign shipping, I have decided that I will only charge forign orders for shipping in excess of $6.00, which is what I normally charge for domestic.  This way, everyone gets the same deal.  If you are willing to send you payment between now and Midnight, next Sunday, you can take off another $3.00 and only pay $32.00.  The ship date won’t change.  After Trainfest, you will still be able to order a DVD or a Collection download the usual way from this website, but you will pay full price, $39.95 plus shipping.

Hope to see you at the show.  We are in booth 4204 (unless they change it) right between Caboose Stop Hobbies and Exactrail.


The Modern Office Trailer is now available on the Get Models Page

This is a really neat kit.  From my office, I can throw a rock and probably hit 50 of these things and no two really are the same.  I have a mind to make some additional options available down the road.  What are your thoughts?  No windows, only one door, double wide, sloped roof, colors?  The possibilities boggle the mind.


SORRY FOLKS. MY BAD! (Do people still say that?)

When I suggested pre-ordering, I should have just also said to do it by sending an email to with your intention.  I will contact you to discuss the details.



The plan is to release the long awaited Vol 2 Texture DVD at Trainfest, November 14th. & 15th.  The show price will be $35.00.  Retail is $39.95 with free domestic shipping included.  Contents will be as shown on the Get Textures page from after the Log Wall texture to the end, plus there MIGHT be some surprises that will never appear as individual textures.  If you wish to pre-order, I will give you the show price of $35.00, but we will not be shipping until after we get back from Trainfest.  If you want more information about the show, go to <>