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hi guys:
apparently everyone favorite thief is back again:
had to cut/paste this, due att will not recognize your address

hi guys:
apparently yhis clown is back in business again, was out of town
for the last 3 days, and found this when i got home sunday night,
i guesss that you gus are going to have to take legal action, to stop
this idiot,
mel perry

Begin forwarded message:

From: "" <>
Date: February 24, 2013 11:30:50 PM PST
Subject: Re: [Model_Railroads_Of_Southern_California] Re: Printed Backdrop Buildings

be advised that this is tomkat-13 second try at skirting proprietary rules/regulations,
his original effort was taken down at the request of the original and current content
owner, specifically, anyone violating the content rules/regulations, are
only opening them selves up for more pain and misery, not quite sure how tomkat-13,
got back into various web sites, as all references to him and his "products" were
removed by all isp's/web sites last year, apparently there is one dumb idiot out there
who got suckered, again
mel perry

On Feb 24, 2013, at 9:54 PM, Lancaster James wrote:

Tomkat-13, the poster on the MRR link, claims he created the images.
What links say the images are proprietary?


On Feb 23, 2013, at 9:34 AM, Michael wrote:

> Folks, I think these are proprietary. I think they are for sale
> online. I didn't save the link.
> --- In, "Bob
> Chaparro" wrote:
>> Courtesy of Jim Lancaster and "Tomcat-13" here is a link to
>> printed backdrop buildings.
>> This material original was posted on the MODEL RAILROADER website
>> by "Tomcat-13" as his own work and he invited the public to "copy
>> & use".
>> Click on the buildings to display them individually. Some of the
>> images will open in Photobucket.
>> If anyone finds material on the link that is not original please
>> let me know so I can delete the link.
>> Bob Chaparro
>> Moderator
> ------------------------------------
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February 25, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermel perry
Thanks for the heads up Mel.
I just don't get why this shmuck thinks this is OK to do.
If any one feels like joining a mail campaign to bomb this guy with email. You have our blessing.
February 25, 2013 | Registered CommenterThom
Thanks also from me Mel.
I attempted to try to send my "comments" to the site moderator, but I couldn't find a link to him, so I just made a post. Since I seldom visit that site, my post should be moderated and I hope Bob will get back to me. If you know how to get through to him and care to, please give him my contact information. <>.
February 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDave Miecznikowski
Mel and others,
I have been to the forum and posted a notice about the inappropriate and unaccredited use of our images.
I have also contacted the administrators and editors at Kalbach with our concerns and requested the removal of the images and the barring of the poster "tomcat13"
We await their response but I imagine it will be swift. Copyright is nothing to screw with.
February 25, 2013 | Registered CommenterThom
Here is the response i got this morning

Hi Thom,

Thanks for the email you sent to our Customer Service Department. The forum user's façade drawings that you stated have used Clever Models "wall textures" such as brick and siding are no longer on our forum.

Unfortunately, once you bring up the words "legal action," you will have to have your lawyers contact our lawyers. Sorry about that, but our editorial staff does not have the expertise to get involved in these sorts of things.

Neil Besougloff

Nice how they side step the legal part. I'm happy the material has been taken down but with 84000+ potential downloads that's a lot of potential lost sales.
February 26, 2013 | Registered CommenterThom
Just to be very clear on our position on this sort of sharing....

If you create something that uses our material in whole or in part and wish to share it FOR FREE with the community. All we ask is appropriate recognition
"Textures by Clever models" or some such with the web address.

We have no issue with that. We will happily host it here for download giving you credit. (just as we do with the 3d models made available for train simulator games)
I think that sounds fair.
February 26, 2013 | Registered CommenterThom
Matt, Thanks, I went over there to see what he's up to and i did notice that he posted a credit and a link to us. I still wish he wouldn't do it but he is giving credit and thats all I ever asked for.
I'll be keeping my eye on him.
March 26, 2013 | Registered CommenterThom