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Hello All! I recently found this site and would like to try building a couple of models for my layout (HO). I thought, though, I'd start with the office trailer as it seems rather straight-forward. However, I do have some questions, and would appreciate any advice, as there are no directions!

Questions are:

Page 3: at the bottom are items for some sort of a foundation, which I assume the trailer sits upon (as there are stairs up to the door). As there a 4 big items and 8 small, is this enough for 2 foundations, or are they to be glued back to back? Another thing...these would seem to raise the trailer by 1.5', yet the stairs indicate that the level of the entry door is about 3'--how is this dealt with?

Page 3: at the top are 18 brownish panels. What are these? Are they to cover the foundation? Some have vertical grooves (8), some horizontal (10)--how to use these?

Page 1: there are extra doors and windows and frames at the upper right-hand corner. I assume these are to add a 3D-effect, but I'm not sure how they should be used... For example, I'd glue the door on top of the door on the model side, and then glue the frame on top of that? If so, why does the frame have a window, as wouldn't the whole center be cut out?

Sorry if the questions are obvious, but I'd like to get a full understanding before I start cutting! Any help appreciated! Does anyone have a photo of a completed version?

Thank you!
February 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJeffrey
I just found the exploded view here, which answers my 3rd question about page 1:

However, I'm still confused about page 3.

February 16, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJeffrey
Jeffrey, Check out "C) Ben's Crossin Tower Tutorial (3.3M)" on the Freebies page. I have not done the construction trailer, but I know how you feel about what to do. . . with what! Much of the tutorial is applicable to other models. I've found that the Clever Bros will provide more than you really need and allow you to do some customizing. Don't know if this is the answer about the stairs versus foundation height, but you can always cut off a couple of stairs to make things match up. I did that for the company houses because I also got rid of the the basement window level. By the way, there are a couple of other downloads on the freebies page with good tips. Good luck!
February 16, 2014 | Unregistered Commentermwbailey
Hello Jeffrey. Mr Bailey is right in that we tend to add in extra items to allow the builder the most flexibility. In the case of the stairs, it is just that. I have seen real life installations, where the support frame is actually raised up even higher with cinder block and the like. In my way of doing things, better to have too much than not enough. Just match the stairs to where you want them and trim the rest off. You will find, in many of our kits that we leave things somewhat "adjustable"

The 18 brownish pieces you refer to are some more "extras". They are actually pieces if corrugated sheeting, which is sometimes used to cover the frames of buildings like this. They can be used darn near anywhere around the layout.

Regarding the frames themselves, the answer is YES. You can make two totally separate frames or you can double up and make one that is a bit more sturdy and colored on the inside. Many times what I do is to laminate a blank piece of card to the back of parts like the frame, and cut them out together. When I'm coloring the white edges, I take a dark brown marker and do the back of the frame to make it disappear.

About door and window layering. You really need to go to the "FREEBIES" page on the website, where you got the trailer, and download the three files labeled A, B & C. They will give you a good background on how typical paper models work. Basically, you remove the door or window from the side. Cut a corresponding one out, leaving a bit of blank card all around it. Glue this over the hole from the back, so the door or window appears set in from the wall. Then cut out the frames, etc. and add them to the front surface. Now you have a three layer door or window that looks very realistic.

I'm not sure if there are any photos available yet, I think there are some pix in our GALLERY pages of the "PORTABLE BUILDING" that uses the same construction.

Hope this helps.
Dave Miecznikowski
February 18, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDave Miecznikowski