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P/N S05, The Gateman’s Tower
This tower is based on a prototype on the Milwaukee Road in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
This 1920’s vintage gate house was in operation well into the 70’s.
In O scale this kits footprint is barely 2” The staircase extends another 3”.
It is a challenging kit that demands careful attention but, makes a striking building.
An optional 2nd floor interior is included. O Scale $6.95, S Scale $5.95, HO Scale $4.95, N Scale $3.95

P/N S06, The Small Forge
This small industrial building is a compilation of several small factories.
It could be a forge, glass blowing plant or heavy machine repair shop.
It features a large rooftop window bay, a sheet metal roof, vents and blowers. There is a tall freight door on one side.
The roof bay can be shortened or left off, so combining multiples of this kit to create a big industry is a natural.
This model is a great partner to our steel sided building and Quonset hut. O Scale $8.95, S Scale $6.95, HO Scale $4.95, N Scale $3.95

P/N S07, The Furniture Factory
This wood frame factory building is based on a photograph of the
J.L. Simon Furniture factory and is typical of many backwoods industries found all over rural America.
It actually started life as a tobacco barn.
It is made from a very distressed, red painted clapboard and a tar paper roof.
The basic elements can be easily rearranged or extended.
We were drawn to the unusually low side wings and its home made look. O Scale $6.95, S Scale $5.95, HO Scale $4.95, N Scale $3.95

P/N S08, The Turbine House
This building could be used as Pump House, Sewage Plant or Telephone Switching Station.
Another great example of an urban industrial structure.
Comes with an assortment of signage with a cut stone look. O Scale $8.95, S Scale $6.95, HO Scale $4.95, N Scale $3.95