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P/N S09, The Steel Shed w/Windows
This shed is identical in footprint to the Steel Utility Shed.
It is surrounded with industrial style windows and is sheathed in standing seam steel sheets.
I originally came across this structure while driving up Sheridan Rd.,
somewhere between Chicago and Milwaukee.
There were about 20 of them side by side and in rows over a very large area.
It looked very Area 51ish. O Scale $5.95, S Scale $4.95, HO Scale $3.95, N Scale $2.95

P/N S10, The Quonset Hut
Found everywhere and probably our best selling kit.
We think our Quonset hut is the best kit of its kind anywhere. Available in clean white or heavily rusted.
It features an optional side loading bay, several dormers and a roll-up steel door.
If you have an industry on your layout, you need a Quonset hut.
Easy to build, our Quonset Hut is a great card modeling starter kit. O Scale $6.95, S Scale $5.95, HO Scale $4.95, N Scale $3.95 CLEAN WHITE RUSTY

P/N S11, The Steel Utility Shed
This steel walled shed can be found in every rail yard.
It works well added to any industry or standing all alone.
You can combine it with our steel factory building or Quonset hut.
It is one of the most flexible kits we make.
Though it’s not intended to have windows, we include some in the kit.
You decide where or if you want to use them. O Scale $5.95, S Scale $4.95, HO Scale $3.95, N Scale $2.95

P/N S12, The Brick Garage
A brick, 2 bay structure, found while touring the alleys of Chicagos’ Rogers Park neighborhood.
What caught our eye, was the slightly larger size and the loft above the garage doors.
Buildings like this were common to urban neighborhoods, which often had
(and still have) small industries running “out back”.
This would make a great auto shop, welding shop, out building or even a garage.
This kit comes with 2 different roofs, several types of doors, a small dormer and a small shed.
This is a fun and easy kit. O Scale $6.95, S Scale $5.95, HO Scale $4.95, N Scale $3.95