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P/N S13, The Mercantile
The Mercantile can add a lot of character in a small space.
This kit features advertising graphics and moderate weathering.
This is a great kit for modelers just getting started with card models.
The timber loading dock is a separate, stand alone kit that is included. O Scale $8.95, S Scale $6.95, HO Scale $4.95, N Scale $3.95

P/N S14, The Small Chicago House
Small frame homes like these are a common site in urban industrial districts.
This kit features our multi-level distress system and can be built in many different configurations.
With the parts supplied, you can build this house in at least 3 different color schemes. O Scale $9.95, S Scale $7.95, HO Scale $5.95, N Scale $3.95

P/N S15, Plant No.2
Plant #2 is one of our most popular kits.
A flat roofed brick plant building that combines well with many other structures.
It features a railside loading dock as well as a truck dock and small garage. O Scale $8.95, S Scale $6.95, HO Scale $4.95, N Scale $3.95

P/N S16, The Small Town Depot
The Small Town Depot is typical of what you might find anywhere in the country.
It features individual shingle strips and our optional, multi layer distress roofing system.
The Classic Cream and Green color scheme make this kit very visually appealing.
This is a fairly complex kit, not recommended for beginners.
It will require about a month of evenings to build. O Scale $8.95, S Scale $6.95, HO Scale $5.95