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P/N S17, The Tin Storage Shed
This variation on the Sheet Metal Storage Building has tons of character.
Another find by our friend John Kosma, while out on a bike ride in Milwaukee WI.
This simple model is great for beginners and can be built in a day.
It looks great by itself, in groups or added on to any other building.
O Scale $5.95, S Scale $4.95, HO Scale $3.95, N Scale $2.95

P/N S18, The Jefferson Ice House
Ice distributors like the Jefferson Ice Co. were a common, even an iconic sight found in most moderate sized towns.
From the 30’s through the early 60’s, they supplied ice in blocks and cubes to industries and homes
until ice became a do-it-yourself activity.
The Jefferson Ice Company was torn down in late 2008. We were fortunate to find it, before that, in Des Plaines, IL.
This is the only model ever produced of this historic building.
This kit is an exact duplicate, photographically researched and computer modeled.
It is a challenging and beautiful model when carefully built.
A good choice for the intermediate skilled builder. Will require a couple of weeks of evenings to complete.

O Scale $11.95, S Scale $9.95, HO Scale $7.95, N Scale $5.95

P/N S19, The Brick Warehouse
Recently redesigned and improved, the Warehouse is a great companion to the plant #2 kit.
The Warehouse also lends its self to being built as a low relief background building,
by flattening the four walls against the backdrop. It is also very easy to add floors.
Because of the size of this building, we were able to enlarge the smaller scales by adding floors. O Scale $6.95, S Scale $5.95, HO Scale $4.95, N Scale $3.95

P/N S20, McElders Bicycle Shop
McElders is a down home, backwoods type of building that can fit in just about anywhere.
It comes with an optional, raised wooden timber loading platform that can service R.R. cars or trucks.
It’s not a really big structure. The building is 16’-6 wide x 21’-6 deep.
The separate dock adds another 5’-9 to the depth & 18’-9 to the left side.
It also comes with two alternate facades, a pale yellow and a white with no graphics.
The back, side not shown, is liberally patched in scrap sheet metal. O Scale $6.95, HO Scale $4.95