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P/N S25, White Castle Hamburgers
Do to some problems with the files, White Castle’s is not currently available.
If you have this kit and are experiencing problems, please use the CONTACT PAGE to let us know.
We will advise you further.
P/N S26, Line Side Relay Shed
This is your typical Relay Box found just about anywhere that you find a signal.
Even though this is a small kit, there is enough detail to provide an enjoyable, entry level build. All Scales $2.95

P/N S27, The Gorre & Daphetid Enginehouse
This kit is authorized by the NMRA who owns the rights to all things from the late John Allen’s estate.
This is not an EXACT replica. We have made minor additions to the kit, such as adding doors where John had none.
There are also a variety of stacks that can be built. This is very large, expert level kit, with a full interior.
Expect to spend the better part of a month building this kit.
I don’t want to scare anyone off, but there are 1,440 window panes to be cut out.
This two track enginehouse is 35’ wide x 62’ deep w/ 15’-7-1/2” track centers. O Scale $24.95, HO Scale $19.95

P/N S28, “Shiners” (Trailers)
This trailer was found in a vacant lot in the Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park.
The owner sells Pumpkins in October and Christmas Trees in November.
You get 3 complete Trailers, a blank one and two with a colored stripe on the sides. All Scales $2.95