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P/N S29, Big Steel Mill Building
We call this our “BIG” steel mill building and it is a really big model, but by steel mill standards,
it’s really puny. There are also “wing” buildings along either side that can be used separately.
This is a very plain building so we included a bunch of doors and windows that can be added by the builder to change its appearance. Consider it a steel mill kitbashing resource.
This is really typical of what you might see around any type of large industrial complex. O Scale $9.95, HO Scale $7.95

P/N S30, Small Steel Mill Building
We call this our “SMALL” steel mill building and although it is similar in style to its big brother,
it is more weathered and has different proportions. It could be used for just about any industry.
Again, like its big brother, it has wing buildings that can be used separately.
They look good when they are used together to make a building of their own.
As you can see in the pictures, this building can be easily stretched.
In this case 3 kits have been spliced together. O Scale $7.95, HO Scale $5.95

P/N S31, AKRON Machine Company
AKRON Machine Co. Is a big, big kit.
The minimum depth, as shown in the angled views is one set of windows between pilasters.
The kit comes with three such sections for a depth of 66’-6. 21’-3 sections can be added.
Two different styles of roofs are provided, peaked with side windows and arched.
This kit has a lot of classic brick building charm and can be kit bashed into some interesting variations. The interior shown is NOT included in the kit.
This intermediate level build will take about two weeks to complete.
Please be advised, there are 8 files that need to be downloaded for the O scale version.
Like I said, this is a BIG kit. O Scale $15.95, HO Scale $11.95

P/N S33, The Coal Dealer
A small coal operation like this could be found in every town, in every corner of the country.
Everyone needed to buy coal to keep their homes and places of business warm in winter.
With different signage, this building can be re-purposed into many other types of business.
Comes with Coal Bins, a Truck Scale, a Coal Loader and interior details.
O Scale $10.95, S Scale $9.95, HO Scale $8.95