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P/N S57, The Speeder Shed
This speeder shed is based on a CN prototype and goes great with our octagonal water tank.
This is a great beginner kit and very easy to build.
A fitted interior is not included, but we have include our “Studs & Plywood” texture, so you can easily make one.
Track & rails are not included.
The wood decking shown is 8’-0 Wide x 12’-0 Deep, but can be adjusted. O Scale $5.95, HO Scale $3.95

P/N S59, The Car Barn (A.K.A. The Pole Barn)
This is a very generic looking steel building.
It fits in really well with the rest of our steel buildings.
It is large enough to house engines or rolling stock.
Its length can be extended as needed by adding extra pieces to the walls and roof.
It has been used in multiples side by side.
The side building can be used on either or both sides and has been used by itself.
This is a very versatile structure. Easy to build and comes with an interior. A real good first timer. O Scale $7.95, S Scale $6.95, HO Scale $5.95

P/N S60, The Narrow Gauge Critter Shed
This little shed is a freelance design.
From the pix you can see that it will look good on any short line or industrial layout.
Comes with interior sheathing and either wooden post & beam support structure or steel trusses.
(not shown and very minimal in design).
Intended to house a fairly small NG engine. You could probably get a very small standard gauge critter inside.
O Scale $5.95, S Scale $5.95, HO Scale $4.95, N Scale $3.95

P/N S61, Smitty’s Music Shop
Smitty’s is a quaint 2 story clapboard, corner store.
Buildings just like it can be found just about everywhere in America.
Included is an optional 8 sided Turret that can be built with a flat roof or a 7 sided “Witches Hat”.
Yes, I said an 8 sided Turret & a 7 sided roof.
(There is a prototype for this building, but this is not an exact replica.)
Large display windows, awnings, a partial 1st floor interior and 2nd story window “shadowboxes” complete the kit. O Scale $9.95, HO Scale $7.95