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P/N S62, The Brick Mercantile
This Brick Version of our Mercantile Building is the same footprint as the clapboard version, kit S13.
It has the same roof line and outside, covered stairs.
It differs in that it does not have the Timber Loading Dock because of the ground level, rear loading doors.
Another great triangular shaped building for those hard to fill spots on the layout.
A great view block between switch points. A truly useful shape. O Scale $8.95, HO Scale $5.95

P/N S63, The 2 Story Square Crossing Tower
This wooden crossing tower is typical of those found all over from the 30’s to the late 50’s.
There are 2 versions included in this kit, an all green one and a white with green trim.
This is a tiny building. Not difficult to build, but the stairs require some care in assembly.
O Scale $6.95, HO Scale $3.95

P/N S64, The Wood Shed

P/N S65, The Maintenance Shed
Just a simple, run down, wooden shed that you can put anywhere on the layout.
Sheds like this were used all over the place to store tools and parts and anything else
that needed a bit of protection from the elements. A great first time kit.
NOTE: This kit comes in O scale with instructions to print in ANY smaller scale. Price: $6.95