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P/N S81, Jukes Boat Rental
Juke’s is a kit that has been around awhile as part of our Waterfront DVD. This is an expanded and enhanced version. The windows and roof have been updated with more detail. The big, sliding door can be build as wood or rusty corrugated steel. The ROWBOATS have always been part of the kit, but the SAWHORSES and PICNIC TABLES are new. Even though we don’t provide a complete interior, there are provisions in the kit to help you scratch-build one easily. The building itself is fairly small, only 14’ x 13’, but there are two additions that bring it out to 17’ x 16’.
This kit can be put together by just about anyone in about a week.
Juke’s comes as an O scale kit with instructions how to print it in any smaller scale. O Scale $9.95

P/N S82, Greezy Gus’s Hamburger Stand
Greezy’s (Not its real name.), is a small store brought to us by our friend Bill Laird.
It is quite small, only about 13’ square, but very accurate reproduction with a lot of old fashioned charm.
It will look great on just about any street corner you put it on.
We have changed a few of the roof details to make it more interesting and easier to build.
Anyone with fair skills can probably put this kit together in a week of evenings.
(Although the bench is a challenge.) It comes with an optional interior. O Scale $7.95, HO Scale $5.95

P/N S83, The Rural Church
This is our rendition of the simple Country Church. Call it a Rural Church or Rustic Church.
It is similar to hundreds, probably thousands of churches found all across our country.
You probably have a favorite one that looks just like it.
Even with the fairly intricate steeple roof, this is a pretty easy kit to build.
It will also become a kit-bashing favorite, I’m sure.
NOTE: This kit comes in O scale with instructions to print in ANY smaller scale. Price: $7.95

P/N S84, National Stove
National Stove is just a small clapboard building that could be any one of a thousand different business’s.
Its small footprint and triangular shape,
help it to fit into many awkward empty spaces that just cry out for a building.
Two different roof-top signs are included or you can make one of your own.
You also get all kinds of wall signs, duct work and an A/C unit that can be used or not, as you wish.
This is an easy kit to build and should go together in a couple of evenings.
NOTE: This kit comes in O scale with instructions to print in ANY smaller scale. Price: $6.95