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P/N S85, The Clyde Puffer Steamboat
The Clyde Puffer is a flat bottomed, coal fired, steam powered, cargo boat.
They were used in the Firth & Clyde canal system and surrounding waters of Scotland.
Their steam engine made a characteristic puffing sound, hence, the the name.
They carried everything from coal to farm produce
and could be “beached” at low tide for unloading.
They were typically under 66’ in length so they could fit in the canal locks.
Our version has been selectively compressed to about 35’, but could be easily lengthened
by printing a second hull & deck sheet and splicing them together.
This is a fairly advanced level kit. Quite a few, “difficult to handle” pieces.
Plan on a couple of weeks to complete.
NOTE: This kit comes in O scale with instructions to print in ANY smaller scale. Price: $7.95

P/N S89, Muchie’s Pawn Shop
This kit is identical in footprint to Rudy’s Printing and they share some of the same pieces.
A simple 2 story brick and green clapboard building. Comes with a 1st. floor, partial interior.
This kit was the subject of a 3-part step-by-step assembly article in All Scale Trains E-zine, in 2016.
Links to the three issues are included. This is a intermediate level kit and will take about a week to complete.
If you download the three issues that show the build, it would be a nice gesture to make a donation to the E-zine.
Price: $9.95