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Every picture tells a story from Ken Plumb

The blog post said that getting pictures of your models on layouts was rare, so, why not mine?
I’m no craftsman, and my little pike is not professional grade, but I’m having much to much fun to care. As it is, I make things and plunk them down somewhere while telling myself a story. After a while, the story changes and so does the stuff… (Everything, including track, gets moved about.)

So, here it is 1930 in Fort Smith AR’s south side. The Parker & Watts circus is ‘wintering over’ in the old Western Wheelbarrow Factory (the furniture factory, of course), and, being good neighbors, use the elephant to shift box cars for the Arkansas Coffin Company across the street. (Which actually happened) 


"Stumpy" visits the Madeline Island RR

The Madeline Island RR is the ficticious narrow gauge mining line that is our current traveling demo layout.

Stumpy is the traveling loco from Fresh off the boat and on the dock. We may have a problem here.

Hope you can visit with us in Springfield MA. (Stumpy is going to Milwaukee instead)



A tradition

It occured to me that modifying our kits has become something of a tradition, so I went back through the archive and revisited some noteworthy early builds.

by Dave Rarig

by Dave Rarig

by Bill Laird

by Don Spirro


You guys are blowin my mind

More Creeky mutations.

Bob Bruce sends these 4 radical mutations of the Creeky freeby. You’re ALL one upping me. All of you. Don’t stop but please. I hope you are showing this stuff on other forums. People need to see the level of artistry and craft of this community.