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first street update

Just a quick update on first street delivery.  Still looks good for later this month.  We did find some problems with the White Castle model.  My brother completed the test build successfully but determined it was hard to understand, so I’m doing some modifications that will make the folding of the front wall simpler by making the tall pilasters seperate objects.

Habbaker’s build is about half way there, I know there are no problems because I built one in HO for my layout.

Harvy’s hobbys is still waiting to be built but is very similar to the western store so I don’t anticipate any trouble there.

The bonus kit hasn’t been built but with the exception of the sign and front door display it’s the same as “Hoosier Mama’s” and that works fine.


A bit buried

Not just by snow.  Just making sure that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed.

I was just about to send out the bonus kit when I thought I might make one little addition.  It will be on it’s way.  The O scale kit is about 10 pages.  I’m wondering if it needs some special instructions for the front display window.  Think I’ll send it out and then do the directions and post them here.



SNOW DAY DECLARED (snow week?)

Just wanted to let everyone know that when we returned from the West Springfield show, we ended up getting 24” of snow in Chicago.  This has slowed us down in catching up on orders.  We ask you all to please be patient and we will get your orders filled as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thom & Dave



First street

first street was very popular with about a dozen folks (at the show) opting for the pre order with the bonus kit. Added to the folks who ordered here in the previous week and I better get busy sending out those Central camera bonus kits.