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Happy birthday to the CEO

Happy Birthday Bro. #1 (Dave) Lets go to Culvers and I’ll get you a butter burger and a shake.


Another nice kit bash from Robert Bruce

using the western store and kirks books. Great attention to detail and super clean.


An update on our soon to be traveling demo MK II

Still a long way to go, but I thought you’d enjoy the ride.  Building these layouts gives me a valuable test bed and lots of ideas.  Due to the very small size, I am having to modify a lot of buildings “smaller”.  Even some of our smaller structures are rather large.  It may lead to smaller foot prints on future kits.  Your thoughts on this are welcome.


I'm getting a bit backlogged with photos but this one had to go up

This is from the 2012 module contest from the craftsman model expo. Randy and Sue’s entry. Jam packed with Clever models card stock. Dave Frary is quoted as saying that he had to look at it several times before he say that it was paper.