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Central Camera Corrections

Every once and a while “stuff happens”.  Even though we try to be careful, errors creep in.  It was brought to our attention that in the recently posted Central Camera kit, the Kodak, hanging wall sign, had one side printed in reverse.  The corrected sheets are now posted on the “FREEBIES” page.  It is the file marked F) and contains the O & HO fixes.  You just print what you want.  The download files were fixed yesterday, so if you bought the kit before that you probably need this fix.

Sorry for the mistake, Dave & Thom


Scratch building

My dad was a printer and over the years he would bring home (hoard) scrap paper and card stock. Having recently rediscovered a stack of Chipboard (that dense gray paper board on the back of legal pads) at least 3 feet thick, I have started using it as backing for some scratch building.

Folks always ask what’s inside the kits and I always say nothing but you can put in extra support. Well, I am enthusiastically recomending “Chipboard”. It cuts very cleanly and glues great. I’m building a mine for the new demo layout and the chipboard has been a great help in mocking up the basic forms to fit my landscape. I am then wraping the forms with our textures and getting very nice results.

I’ll post pix tomorrow.



A nice scratch build from Wes Moreland

A great looking car barn. Thanks for sharing Wes.


Central Camera is now available for download in O & HO