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Beautiful engine house build from Germany

Aristoteles´╗┐ Held is a accomplished modeler from Germany. He likes German prototypes but coulden’t resist our engine house. This one is in HO.

He still needs to complete a few details but it’s already stunning.



Changing colors of our kits with Photoshop

Ok, This one is a bit specialized for those of you who use PhotoShop but almost any image software will have similar tools to do this. You have a building you like but the color doesen’t work for your scene. That blue/purple “Road Side Stand” looks great but why can’t it be green?

Well, It can be. Here’s how you do it (at least one way. there are others)Hope you like it.



Flat roofs

You would think a flat roof would be easy, (I did) but they are not.  We have changed how we approach them over the years.  I recently had a request for help on the Woolworths flat from the “brick and mortar” disc and worked up this illustration.  I think it helps clarify the basic concept we are using now.  In general walls will have a tab that bends back and is glued under a coping tab which is attached to the roof art.  This in turn might be capped with additional coping of stone or tile.


Some web TV coverage´╗┐