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The FLAG STOP is now available for download in O & HO Scales


Coming Soon

Announcing a new product and brand. We are planning to have these available to ship by the end of July in O and HO scale. We don’t have the final price yet but we are trying to keep it around $20 ($19.95 MSRP)

The initial run will be limited. We will consider accepting orders.


We likey...More kitbashing

This imposing facade is from Jim Bisbee

In Jims own words…
Here’s another creation based on Plant 2.  It’s mounted on a 7 inch by 24 inch MDF platform and the buildings are 11 inches tall so it’s big.  Having the footprint available so I could plan the mirror image building was handy so thanks for publishing it. 
The windows came from Royal Imports, the upper stories are the green clapboard texture and the roofs on the two buildings are the tar paper texture.  The metal walkway between the two buildings came from the Steel Shed kit.  The tar paper on the enclosed stairway, loading dock roofs in the front and metal walkway is typing paper spray painted flat black and cut up.  The big loading dock and stair and platform in front are wood.  The weathering on the dock, stairs, drive and tarpaper was done with various shades of weathering powders.  The buildings and dock are built on 3/16 inch Gator board.
The front loading dock roof trusses are .020 inch styrene.  I sprayed a sheet of styrene with spray adhesive and fixed the truss print out from the kit onto it.  In effect, I used your design as a template for creating the trusses out of another material and it worked pretty well.  Why use a different material?  Because I have cut those trusses out of paper before and was not looking forward to working on small pieces.  Mounting it on a big sheet gave me much more control when cutting plus I drilled out each corner which speeded up the cutting.
We likey likey Jim



Some diorama work from Jim Gore

After taking a small break, Jim has this nice dio in the works. As always Jim has a great sense of story telling going on.

This shed has been popping up all over lately. I’ve seen it on at least 2 other layouts and I have one on my new project layouts warf.