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Dave and I went to Trainfest this weekend.  It would have been nice to go to CSS again but that’s a thousand miles away.  I like going to train shows, so it’s great to have such a good show only 90 miles away.  Trainfest is one of the great shows.  As usual we touched base with our good friends John and Chris  from the Gypsy Trolley Line.  That layout just keeps getting better and bigger.  John had a few of the new buildings off to the side, that will be on next years addition.  He’s become a very accomplished designer on his own.  I got to hang out and answer questions for folks and also gave John a chance to get away and see the show.  We were pretty much tourists ourselves, buying the few detail parts I need for my own layout, that I can’t make from paper.

If you ever get a chance to see Trainfest, I recommend it.


To cut or not to cut

Just a quick question. what would a printed cut out kit be worth to you?

Here’s what I’m thinking.  What if there were an option, where you could buy a kit and choose to get a printed and cut kit.  There would be an additional service fee, say $30.  Is this a feature that you would want.

I’m just speculating, but it might be something we could offer, at least on a limited basis.



Sharing pix

Of course we always want to show pictures from folks building our models. Heres a couple of samples from Steve Wilbur. He’s taken our american steel pipe and done a very clean and effective build. He’s a detail minded craftsman and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with our materials.


A quick shot of the "Breaking yard"

here’s a shot of my layout (sorry for thr poor pfotography. New camera coming soon) It’s a small breaking yard that feeds scrap to the iron plant. The brick yard office is our “mercantile kit but done in brick. I like it very much.