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Getting to know you...da da da da da dada

I try to keep track of the folks who visit us. Not to great detail but I like to know what our reach is. It’s rather facinating to see the spread. Theres the group who are involved in the discussions and blog and then a seperate group who downloads kits via Payloadz and still another group who seems to prefer purchasing the dvd’s.

Certainly there is cross over but the group who downloads but otherewise stays to themselves are very diverse and very interesting. I’d love to be able to converse with more of them. Because of the automation involved with downloads we don’t have much opportunity for contact. What an interesting group they are. From all over the world, both men and women. I can’t help but wonder do they like us? Are they happy with our products? Do they read the blog?

So I’m reaching out to those who have not made contact. Just say Hi. I’m setting up a section in discussions so you can do just that. don’t want to get into a deep discussion, that’s fine just say Hi.



some fine kitbashing

Jim Bisbee sent us these pix of a kitbash of our steel shed.

A very pleasing profile, don’t you think.

He mentions that he has more coming.

I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s come up with.


O Scale March Meet is fast approaching.

Just wanted to let everyone know that our next public appearance will be at the annual O Scale March Meet, on March 16, 17 & 18 at the Weston Hotel in Lombard, Illinois.  Show information is available at <>.  If your in the neighborhood, stop by.  Don’t know exactly where we will be located yet, but we’re usually easy to find.  If you’ve never been, this is an extremely well run show and if you’re into O Scale (2rail), this is the place to be.  We’ll have 2 tables.  One will probably be filled with our 1st Street Diorama and you never know what will be on the other.  I will probably be building stuff most of the time and demonstrating techniques, answering questions and generally promoting paper modeling.  You might even see some new stuff as we usually try to release new products at this show.  No, Chama won’t be there.  It’s not ready yet.  You will see a new line of lower priced DVD called the “Jackson Collection”.  Get it Jackson.  He’s on the $20.00 bill.  Guess what they cost.  We’re hoping to have 5 new discs available.  A couple of them will have 2-3 major structures on them plus our usual accompaniment of extras.  The others will have bunches of detail oriented pieces.  Things like telephone boxes, shanties of various types, relay boxes and who knows what else.

Hope to see you there.

Dave & Thom



We have just been informed by one of our customers, that the O Scale “Bunk House” kit is grosely out of scale.  I have checked it and he’s right.  Apparently I posted some files that I thought had been checked and they were for something completely different.  I appologige to anyone who may have downloaded this kit and is tearing their hair out trying to figure out why it doesn’t come out right.

I will be replacing what’s there with the proper files shortly.

If you have purchased this kit, please let me know and I will send you a free copy of the correct kit.

Sorry for thr inconvenience.