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Lifted from the kit forum

Here’s a small bog that I modeled on the On30 Nantucket display. I bog material is a scouring pad sprinkled with maroon scenic foam. There’s a flood gate at the rear. The structure is cardboard covered with Clever models printed siding and shingles. The backdrop is only about 4” behind the bog and is a Photoshop creation.

As a pro builder Dave uses our product because it gives the high end result expected by his customers, quickly and cost effectivly.


Office trailer

The office / construction trailer is now up in the freebies section. there are three variations, White, White rusted. Red

The red trailer can be color shifted using the Hue control of any image editing software.

Enjoy, tell your friends.

Small ($2 suggested) donations greatfully accepted.


Construction trailer

I just finished this trailer office and I have 2 questions for the group. Graphics, does it need them and what kind. axles and wheels? Is this a detail that would be missed? Seems a complex bit to be mostly hidden. Not shown but included in the model are the steps and the air conditioner/heater.


Akron tool from Ron Fiedler

Ron sent these pix of his Akron build

Nice build. We don’t see this one very often.