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News Flash---- Paper models outdoors?

Ain,t science grand. After two years of development, The Rustoleum people have created: “Never wet” a $20 spray on “Super hydrophobic coating that completely repels water and heavy oils”

Check out this link

can jet packs be far away?


Southern exposure

Ed Traxler gave a talk at the Southeastern region NMRA on modern card stock modeling and has shared the link to the newsletter. An impressive publication in PDF format. It’s well worth a look with lots of good referance pix.

Hats off to Ed who is about the busiest modeler I know. All of you play an important role in spreading the word about cardstock modeling. weather your entering contests, giving tutorials, or showing your friends.

There is a definate possitive result from your actions. thank you Ed and thank you everyone.


It's about time!!!!

I posted a new Freebie. Small but nice, “Sand Drying house”.  You know where

“Push the “freebie” button on the home page”


Meeting house prototype and kit bash

Jeff Damerst sent me these pix this morning. A nice bit of bashing.

The prototype

The model

Thanks Jeff