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That was fun. Back to work.

Ok the faux news flash was fun but lets get back to work.  Twice in the last week the inferiority of some embossed texture papers has come up.  Brother bought me some MicroMark bricks for Xmas.  Well besides the laugh, I was astonished to see just how bad they looked.  The embossing is little more then some random bumpyness.  Very uncrisp.  I do think the paper would have looked better without it.  It was distracting and made the texture look undefined.  The printed image itself was booring and unrealistic. Then today, I had to respond to a post at the MRR forums.  A gent there is scratch building a very nice grainery.  I made a comment earlier in the thread about how much i liked it.  I have been watching and thinking how much better it would look using our textures but kept my tongue silent.

Just yesterday he covered the foundation in MicroMark embossed stone paper. I was unimpressed and so were lots of others.  The negative coments about paper were flying. well I couldn’t sit still for that, so I did a bit of retouching on the posted pic.  Obviousty it’s real low resolution, but I tried to make the retouched pic as fair a representation as possible.

Here are the results.

MicroMark’s.  Notice that the patern repeats 4X across the wall.

Our’s.  Notice no obvious repitition of pattern. (It does repeat, just not obviously.)

Next post, I’ll talk about embossing and how you can do it yourself. (if you must)


NEWS FLASH Clever Models LLC to buy Model Railroader magazine

Dateline, Dec. 26th. 2010, Clever Models LLC, a recognized world leader in Cardstock model kits for model railroad enthusiasts is poised to buy Model Railroader magazine. This bold move brought about by an unexpected inflow of cash from unnamed benefactors.
The company plans to purchase the magazine later this week as soon as a trip to the local hobby shop can be arrainged.
Clever Models future plans for the magazine are undecided at this time but likely will be determined by the health needs of the family’s aging dachshund.


Happy holiday's 2

 I know we said it would be retired forever but Forever is a long time. We decided to put our build contest model up in the freebies section just until December 25th. happy holidays to all of our friends.


Happy holidays

I was cleaning out some old files and I came across this pic which is from our first train show in Indy.  It also shows a bit of our first touring layout.  Oh how innocent we were.