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Hi everyone.  Well, pretty soon we will all be dusting off our workbenches and getting back to some serious modeling.  I have to admit that during this summer we have seen some great builds.  Maybe I’m the only on that didn’t build much during the summer.  Anyway, we usually kick off the new year with the Indianapolis O Scale show at the end of September.  This year will be no different except , this year, Jim Canter and Ron Sebastian of Des Planes Hobbies have teamed up to host the O Scale National Convention combined with the Indy Show.  Goin to be a great time.  We won’t have the switching layout with us this time, but we will have a couple of tables and a new display.  Come and visit.  This year we would like to spend some time getting an idea of what you want us to develope in the near future.  So come on by and lets talk.  Don’t know exactly where we will be located at the show yet.  As we get more info, we’ll pass it along.

The meet is at the Wyndham Hotel in Indianapolis and runs from Sept 21st. to the 25th.  See you all there.  For more information go to



Recently a customer asked for some additional pictures of the Steel Shed with Windows kit, so I thought I would share them with you all.



FREEBIE file correction

One of our sharp-eyed N Scale builders noticed that there was a missing sheet in the N Scale STEEL SHED w/WINDOWS download and the sheet that was there was a duplicate.  Well to all, “SORRY ‘BOUT THAT”!  It’s been fixed.  I’ll try to be more careful.


Keeping busy

Maybe a bit too busy. I’ve been a commuter lately, with a suburban client. It’s cut into my model designing and building time. BUT. I am getting all kinds of new inspiration by all of the medium industries I’ve been rolling through as I ride the Metra. The Mars candy company has a big modern plant, they even have their own station. Theres also a very busy grain elevator right in the city just west of down town. There always seems to be a few covered hoppers on the siding and a very used looking Plymouth switcher. The tracks are so crowded with hoppers, I can’t see how anything gets shunted around.

Pretty cool scenes though. I’ve been shooting lots of pix and once again the realization that there is a prototype for everything. Imagine a line of qounset huts that are stagered on an angle and overlapping.

What a wierd structure. I havent been able to get a good pic yet but when I do, I’ll post it here.

I’m looking forward to getting back to building.