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Clever models custom shop.Bespoke modules and layouts

As most of you know, CM is a part time business. (actually it’s not. We work it 24/7) It’s not a living.

We are always growing and I am trying to push it over the top so that at least one of us can make it a full time operation. I have had several people request custom models and even complete layouts.

Officially, I am accepting this type of work. I will build modules, custom structures, small layouts etc. Prices are to be based on an hourly rate and flat bids. A small layout like our traveling demo will start around $5000. Simple detailed structures will start at $100. Terms are 1/3rd as a retainer with other payment to be determined. I currently have one contract pending for a layout and will only accept 4 layouts per year.

As always I want to hear your thoughts and should you know someone who wants to start or can’t finish or just cant find the time, I might be the answer to their problrms.

Thanks all.



Model rail Scotland

Bryan Gundry, photographed this modified Plant#2 wile visiting the “Model Rail Scotland” show.

Thanks for the sharp eye Bryan.


Pix submissions

We have been getting lots more pix lately and I fear I may have missed posting a few.  I try to space them out and every now and again one or two might slip by.  Untill we can find the time to put in a gallery, (and we need to) please understand that if you sent a pic and it didn’t get posted, it’s just me being incompetent.


A kitbash from John Kosma

John is a known figure around here.  He was one of the very first to build our kits.  He sent us these pix of a kitbash using 2 Coal vendor models.  He has a real good eye for capturing thr essance of a place. This is right out of our old neighborhood of 81st street in Chicago. (even if it says Wisconsin)