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In the next couple of weeks

Have you visited

An online magazine format page I recomend. In the next couple of weeks I will be completing a tutorial on building our kits. It will feature “General wire and rope” It’s a small but fun kit that I created specially for the shortline modelers site and will only be available as a O scale download from them. I will cover resizing to Ho and S. I think you will all enjoy the kit and also the shortlime modelers web page.



Something new in FREEBIES

Had a couple of calls recently, wanting to know if we were ever going to make the rolling stock available as individual downloads.  I said something like “You never know, but we had no immediate plans to do so.”

So I thought I’d put up a freebie to see if anyone was interested.  The Hon30 version works well with regauged Blackstone trucks.  The On30 version can be mounted on a (very) modified Bachman frame.  HOn30 shown with truck mounted KD 1015 couplers.


Burger stand

Bill Laird, sent this and many more excellent detail shots of this excentric dive burger stand.  When I was a kid my dad would take me to a place just like this called Gus’s (Greasy Gus’s).

Well, I started making a kit from his photos and then forgot about it.  Untill now.  Here are some pix.

Thanks Bill.


Lost and found

I’ve been dealing with a hard drive crash the last few days.  Tthanks to multiple backups, nothing has been perminently lost, but reconstruction is no fun.  As you might imagine though, we have an extensive archive.  I ultimatly came across pictures I had forgotten about, or don’t have information for.  For instance, I found a partial kit design for a hamburger stand.

Here’s a mistery picture.  Any one want to take credit?