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Continuing to dig out from the back log

A tease of another completed kit



Rain here so rather then hit the Chicago Jazz festival, I am working on something a bit different. My harbor scene needs some in water action. i did a lot of searching and found the narrow guage equivilant in shipping. The Clyde Puffer. 34’ with a 12’ beam will fit my wharf nicely.Just a little smaller then the one shown. There are prototype “Clyde Puffers” half this size so I’m in the ballpark. My ship size will be decided by what fits 8.5”X11” on O scale and will be a waterline version.

I finished the computer model and unwrapped it. It looks promissing and fun.


keeping with the theme of being late

I just sent off 17 pages of O scale “Zelmer & co”  to Lynn Zelmer (the sugercane railway expert) in OZ. It’s a good size wooden warehouse and I think I started it last year. Life happens and things get out of hand.

There are a few other kits that are kicken my ass “The Chama coal tower” is complete but for the coal skip. It’s so complex that I have trouble visualizing how it should be built. (my brother thinks I should abandon it as biting off more then I can chew) (not likely) and on the other end a simple light house that no matter how many times I build it, it just never looks right.

Well off I go to finish yet another mostly finished kit.


OK, so we're a month late so far, The shingle saga.

I thought an update in order. You’d think something like a paper shingle would be easy, after all we have been offering them for the last 9 years, but if your going to commit to creating something and package it up and offer to folks it damn well better be good. So what’s happining, what happenned?

A month ago, I thought I was done and awaiting bids on laser cutting. How much could it be? Its just paper.

Well it was ALOT, too much. I had to seriously re think things, so it stalled. Interestingly the solution came in a dream. I literally visualized a new arrangement of the art that would cut the cutting time in half. Of course I had to redo a lot of the art and as long as I was doing that, why not freshen up all of the art. So I did. I finished it last week and set out to get fresh bids on the cutting. Those bids are now coming in and the numbers are much better.

Another thing happened. It’s no secret that we want to create a shingle that would replace the now long gone Paper Creek shingle. You hear stories about secret cashe here and there but I know that I personally haven’t seen them for years. Well Big bro comes over with a surprise, a half dozen packages of unopened PC product, including one sheet of shingles. He wouldn’t tell me what he paid for them but the revelations were worth it. First and formost was that the rusty corrigated sheets and the ragged tar paper were NOT laser cut. Just a printed sheet on 30LB paper.

The legendary and lemented Shingles were rather low resolution black ink on medium brown paper. Too dark in my opinion (you can always make something darker but you can’t make them lighter).

Our shingle and roofing material set is at least 100% sharper and more detailed. (I might need to run that claim by the lawyers) but lets just say I was stunned.

It’s funny, not having the real thing in hand pushed us to create something of unquestionable high quality (I don’t believe for a minute that there will not still be nay-sayers. Some folks are just wired that way)

We are still a couple of weeks away from being able to ship but I feel confident that we are going to be offering the best shingle possible.