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Live chat

It’s been proposed that we start a live chat. we don’t currently have that capability but other forums do 

Free rails and whistlepost would be likely places to meet. The big issue is, when? We have active modelers all over the world. So lets start a discussion about interests and times. I think its a great idea, what say you?


Website Update PLEASE READ (5 new DVD's)

We have been talking a lot about updates to the website and my difficulty with figuring out writing the code for it.  WELL, today you should notice that there is a new button on the left side of your screen.  It is labeled Get DVD’s.  You are  probably all used to the old BUY DISKS button that has been part of this site for years.  Well, IF ALL GOES WELL, it will be disapearing soon.  The old button and the new one should both work with a bit of a difference.  The old button takes you where it always has and you will still get textbased descriptiond of the contents.  The NEW button will take you to a completely different place where you will be able to view pictures of each DVDs contents as well as buy them.

BIG ADDITION!!!   For the first time you will be able to buy the JACKSON COLLECTION of 5 NEW DVD’s.  You may have seen these at the last couple of shows we have attended.  They are a collection of  new discs that are ecconomically priced at $20.00 each.   President Andrew Jackson is on the twenty dollar bill, hence the name.

Some of our old DVD’s   I.E. Critters & Cars and the Gorre Enginehouse will not show up with the new button..  They will get there eventually, but for now use the old button for them.  Also, I have not yet put up new pictures of the textures.  You can still view them via the Get Textures button.

IMPORTANT!!!   Please, If you experience any problems, let me know as soon as possible so I can get to fixing things.  This was a huge project for me and I might not have all the bugs out yet.  No matter what, we will make good on any purchases that don’t work out as planned.  I just didn’t want to stall this udgrade any longer.

Thanks for your patience and support.

Dave & Thom Miecznikowski

contact us at <>


Here is a very good build thread for Kirk's books

This build thread is from Model Railroad forums. Jerry (sorry i don’r have his full name) did a fantastic job on this his second clever models build.