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Some diorama work from Jim Gore

After taking a small break, Jim has this nice dio in the works. As always Jim has a great sense of story telling going on.

This shed has been popping up all over lately. I’ve seen it on at least 2 other layouts and I have one on my new project layouts warf.


In Memoriam, Joe Giannovario

We would just like to take a moment to express our deepest sympathy to the Giannovario family, in the passing, Saturday, of Joe.  Besides publishing a great magazine, he was a good friend.  He will be greatly missed.

Dave & Thom Miecznikowski


Cannery kit bash from Robert Bruce

Wow, Just a fresh viewpoint and a specific need. Bob made changes to represent the time period he models (1880’s) and adjusted the dock narrow gauge height. Add a near perfect quality builld.

The suttle change in angle and height totaly works. Sincerely, I wish I’d thought of that.

No short cuts here. All the windows and doors have received individual attention.


Follow up to the Small layout Design meet in Findlay OH

Below is a link to some pix from the meet we just got back from in Findlay OH.

By the way, as you scroll down the pictures, you will see a highly animated one of me.  (Looks like I’m getting ready to flap my arms and get out of there.)  That layout is for sale.  Price to be negotiated.  In other words, make an offer.  It is Thom’s HOn30 layout that you have seen in stills and video before.  It is being replaced by the new smaller (more easily transported) HOn30 pike that you have seen glimpses of in this blog.  Size is 6’ x 3’.  Separates into 3 pieces.  All the Structures (except the original enginehouse that we started the business with) and landscaping included.  Minimum radius is 5”.  Power is straight DC.  All sidings are double gapped so adding DCC is no problem.   If you are interested, contact Thom at <>.