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3 ft of snow, It's a fine day for building card stock models

Too much snow to go to the local hobby shop but an excellent day to download a kit and build away with no distractions.

let it snow




Hi everyone.  As we promised, our latest release 1st. Street Comercial Buildings is now available to order for LATE FEBRUARY SHIPPMENT.  They are available in O & HO.  Let us know if you want them in S.  Go to the BUY DISCS section, (above, left) just like you normally would and click on the ADD TO CART button.  We will immediately take your hard earned money, BUT we will not be ready to ship until near the end of February.  YOU ARE PRE-PURCHSING.  What’s holding shipping up is that we are still doing test builds on White Castle’s and Harvey”s Hobbies.  As soon as they are done we will get a bunch of pictures up, but trust me, and I know that you do, THIS ONE WILL BLOW YOU SOCKS CLEAN OFF.  We have never made kits like these.  I think they rival some of the best stick built kits, but you will just have to wait and see.  6 of the 8 kits on this disc will be on display at the Springfield show this weekend.  Talk to you all soon,

Dave & Thom


It's snowing

As I write this it’s snowing outside. looks nice and fresh which is odd for the city. I’m sure that won’t last long. In just 3 days we will begin packing and pushing off to go to Springfield, (Likely a snowy slow drive)

It’s no fun, It’s a long expensive trip with no guarantees of success. BUT getting there is great. the energy of the set up is like a circus with people trying to manuver their vans inside the exhibit hall. In a days time a dozen layouts get built. Lots of “good to see you” and hand shaking. Everyone wishes each other luck. It’s a pretty amaizing thing and I’m glad we are a part of it.

It always surprises me that after 7 years there are still people who have not seen our kits. That’s a good thing because it means there is still untapped market out there. It’s time once again to go forth to convert the plastic and wood heathans to the light of paper.

I think we get better at it each year. Generally people tell us if we screw up and we haven’t heard much negitivity lately. Oh, there are always the ones who insist that you can’t build with anything but wood, bless their closed minded little harts. They are a hoot. Sometimes you just gotta shake your head and wish them well.

I like introducung the new products. last year it was the “Critters and rolling stock” DVD (in St Louis). It was a surprise when they sold so well. I thought after all the flack we got for Paper structures that paper trains would cause a lynching. But people voted with their wallets and I can say there will be more trains later this year (standard guage this time).

So now we have a new disk and it is the best one ever. Thats not empty hype. We have learned and gotten better at designing these kits. Each time we do this i say never put that much on a disk again but  before we know it the collection is packed. It goes like this, Well, if you have that kit and this kit then you need to add a kit like this and woulden’t it be cool to do a whole block. (My brother, the company president, who builds all this stuff,  fills a table with them and its a complete act of providance that “wow they sure look good together”. I look through the inventory of kits in the works and sure enough, we have enough kits close to being ready to test build and though we didn’t plan it that way, there’s a whole block of buildings. The “First street, commercial buildings” DVD is the best collection ever. it tempts me to go back and retool some of our early kits but thats just crazy talk. Forward, ever forward.

Get the snowshoes out and head to Springfield, I’ll get the coco on.


PS. As I’ve said befor the actual disks woun’t be ready but we are preselling and it will only be a couple of weeks till we ship.


Cut and paste into your browser

Finally one of our press releases hits. This one from model railroad news