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Whitten's wharf

Another kit just finished today. Since our new demo layout has a wharf and mines. The newest additions reflect that. This will be part of a “waterfront” collection. Also it’s named for Marc Witten who was a winning contestant in our scratch build contest. I know that was over a year ago. so I’m a bit slow. There will be other winner named kits coming soon.



Extending a kit

I’ve seen such great kit bashes of the cannery I decided to extend it. heres an exploded view of a new set of wood holding tanks or brine tanks or tar for that matter.

We have had delays releasing new material. partly we are behind on test building but mostly it’s the backstage stuff. The web page is going through massive re-coding and it’s eating resources. Ultimately everything should work better. Just so you know we are not sitting on our hands here. AND the shingles are coming. We had some sticker shock at prices and redesigned the whole thing.


Ted from Ted's trains

Your familier with Ted’s work if you follow this blog. Here is a really good video that does a great job of introducing cardstock modeling.

He totally rocks that bow tie too.


some web site changes coming

Two items to be aware of. As some of you know we have several new disks in the “Jackson Collection” that are not currently available from the web site. This is because we are revamping the “Buy DVD’s” section to allow for the download of “Virtual DVD’s”. It’s a completely new HTML architecture and is very time consuming to code. Dave is doing the lions share and his work schedule (yes the real job) does not give him much time to code the web page. We are working on it and in a few weeks there will be a “virtual” tidal wave of new material available.

5 DVD’s and several new kits that we have teased at but have been held up.

So look for some buttons to  go away and some to appear.

As well, of course the “Creeky Shingles” which are also soon to be available.