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Jim Bisbee kit bash

Now this is a combo I never thought of but it makes perfect sense. What a great idea.

Thanks Jim. looking forward to what else you come up with.



Many of you have been asking and I finally got it done.  I just loaded, on the FREEBIES page, a current catalog of all the TEXTURES available for download.  That’s one more item off my check list.



Stunning paper scratchbuilding from Wes Morland

This is a scratched model of the Biograph theatre, which is in Chicago, on Lincoln Ave, where Dillenger was captured and just steps away from the Vallentines day massacre. As a life long Chicagoan, I know this building very well and I can say with confidance, Wess nailed it. He tells us that most of it came from his paper scrap bin and that it’s the skills learned working with our kits that allowed this amaizing paper structure to come to life.


So much to do

When is so much too much?

Just got off the phone with a friend, who is digging a whole in the ground for a clueless employer so that she can eventually fall into said hole. Mainly so she can make car payments. How useless is that, yet most of us find ourselves in that situation sometimes.

The other side is being a freelancer who never knows when the next paying gig is coming (and sometimes its a long wait). As a freelance contractor, most of my career, I have had some financially challanged times. (especially the last 4 years) Designing the kits for Clever Models has filled many hours that would have been spent with less healty activity. At the moment a computer animation project is squandering my time and I am happy about it. I’ve been developing some new tools and they are finally showing results and I get to make some real money. I’m glad. I need to make some real money for a change, and I enjoy doing the CG animation.


I got a boat load of new kits to finish. Al least 6 major model kits and a whole line of gamer stuff to roll out. Not to mention all the fast turn around patching and emailing, etc., etc., that is the daily CM stuff.

Being a Clever Brother doesen’t pay very well, (or at all sometimes) but It Makes ME HAPPY.