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An interesting Interlocking tower from Jeff Damerst

A PRR tower scratched together by Jeff for his friend Lowell’s layout.


Counting down to the new year

5 and a half hours left to the year and you guys just put December over the top. Best sales of the year. As a matter of fact the last 5 months have all been strong. It’s been a good year and it’s all thanks to your support and help spreading the word. I also want to acknowledge the growing support from the N ans S scale crowd. We will work harder to insure that all our kits are available in ALL scales.

If there are any S and N scalers who would like to be more vocal on the site, please I encourage you to let us know what you need.

So a hart felt thank you to every one. We wish you all a happy,  safe and productive New Year.

Thom and Dave


Yet another Chama update

Playing with trains when I should be workin.

BUT, I am dedicated to finishing this by Springfield. I don’t think my brother believes me. He keeps hearing “it’s almost done” and it is kinda. What I have realized is that it’s a very complex model. I have a hard time keeping straight which beams go where. It’s become obvious to me that I need to make this in sub assemblies starting at the ground and working upwards.

First the main shed on the ground and the support beams up to the first horizontal cross beams.

Second the tipple and the coal bin with its framework.

Third the winch house and Fourth all the mechanical bit and the pit.

I am creating it as it was in its early years, well maintained. There are a few beams that were removed in later years. It’s still difficult crossreferencing all of the research material. Lots of conflicts but I want this to be as close as possible to the real thing.

Thats all for now.


Playin with trains

I got a train set. At 58 it was still a thrill to get a train set. My brother knows I wanted to build a narrow gauge micro layout. last night I got to open a Mini trains loco and mine cars and enough Tomix track to build two layouts. I’m a very happy 58 year old kid. I got a good brother and partner in Clever models.

Thanks bro, your the best.