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I really should be dong some paying work

but one I get started Its hard to put down so I built a stone quay.

not finished, I need pilings, bumpers  and a derrick of some kind but…

Its not going to be a kit but it shows what you can do just with textures.


New Demo layout pix

Just a few pix to show how the new micro layout is coming.


Chicago O Scale March Meet

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow and Sunday we will be at the Annual O Scale meet in Lombard Illinois at the Westin Hotel.  You can get all the meet info at the following url.  <>  We had planned to have our switching layout there again this year, but alas, last minute transportation issues have forces us to leave it home.  Really last second.  We were almost on the road.  OH well.  Stuff happens.  We will be there, so if you are in the area, drop by and say hi.

Dave & Thom



Wright's general repair build by Jim Gore

As usual Jim Does a great job of taking a former “Freebie” (its now part of the “More wood” disk) and making it something special. The interior is a great example of Jims halmark story telling.

He added lumber framing and some great castings. The attention to detail like the wood shavings on the floor and the sharp clean build are typical of Jim’s work.