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Flat roofs

You would think a flat roof would be easy, (I did) but they are not.  We have changed how we approach them over the years.  I recently had a request for help on the Woolworths flat from the “brick and mortar” disc and worked up this illustration.  I think it helps clarify the basic concept we are using now.  In general walls will have a tab that bends back and is glued under a coping tab which is attached to the roof art.  This in turn might be capped with additional coping of stone or tile.


Some web TV coverage


A digital die cutting update

As I mentioned earlier we are looking into making a line of Digital die cutters available. We have an agreement with the Boss Kut co. to offer their Gazelle Die cutter. We also have an agreement with Accugraphics to offer their line of KNK die cutters.

With the cheepest practicle lasers costing $6000. or more (build it your self kits are around $3000.) Digital die cutting is an affordable desk top alternative.

Together these cutters cover a wide line of pro level machines with prices ranging from $449.00 up to just under $1000.00.

These cars are from the yahoo KNK site. Sorry I can’t give credit I don’t have the builders name.

They are made from .020 styrene cut on a KNK machine. Just think what we can do with card stock.

It’s going to be a new age.

Stay tuned. I have additional tests being cut right now and pending those results we are hoping to be able to put these amaizing tools into modelers hands very soon.




Clever models custom shop.Bespoke modules and layouts

As most of you know, CM is a part time business. (actually it’s not. We work it 24/7) It’s not a living.

We are always growing and I am trying to push it over the top so that at least one of us can make it a full time operation. I have had several people request custom models and even complete layouts.

Officially, I am accepting this type of work. I will build modules, custom structures, small layouts etc. Prices are to be based on an hourly rate and flat bids. A small layout like our traveling demo will start around $5000. Simple detailed structures will start at $100. Terms are 1/3rd as a retainer with other payment to be determined. I currently have one contract pending for a layout and will only accept 4 layouts per year.

As always I want to hear your thoughts and should you know someone who wants to start or can’t finish or just cant find the time, I might be the answer to their problrms.

Thanks all.