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New Cannery Pix

I finally had a chance to dig these out of where they have been hiding on my hard drive.  They are also included when you download the kit.

These pictures show the Cannery in HO on our traveling HOn30 display layout.


Congratulations to John Cosma

Our good friends John and Chris Kosma’s “Gypsy Trolley Line” won best of show for modules at the 75th NMRA convention in Milwaukee. John has been a suporter of card stock modeling from the start and some of our popular kits are based on his designs. The GTL is a beautiful railroad.



Just found these pix

Scott Robberts is the tallented modeler who made this great build. It’s a perfect example of how paper models can stand sholder to sholder  with wood kits to enhance a scene. Scott used craftsmanship and a great eye to take our basic shed and make it somthing special. If you remember the shed from the original build contest, you’ll appreciate these. These photos were not a part of the contest but were sent some time later.

This is a fantastic bit of photography on a slightly modified and very cleanly built kit.


A new kit coming soon- correction, It's here. you can download it now.

Here’s a small branchline depot.  It’s my new favorite.  I just completed the test build shown here and after I make a couple of small adjustments, we will make it available.

this model is HO.