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And the maintanance shed has been retired forever.

We want to thank the hundreds of people who took the time to download the kit and those who will now build it and hopefully share the results as entries in the contest. Good luck and Thank You.


Contest model availability ENDS TOMORROW!!! (08/31/09)

Just a reminder.  We said, when we started this adventure, that the model would be available for only 2 weeks and then retired FOREVER!  Well, forever begins tomorrow (08/31/09).  If we go strictly by the clock, it will be at 2:47 PM, Chicago time.  So as much as I will hate to turn you down, requests after that time will be denied.  Sorry.  Do not worry though, there will be another download available soon.  We are not sure what yet and it probably will not be a contest, just a gift from us to you.  Now let get those models built.  I want to see what you folks can do.


O Scale Disks are now available! (Finally)

This is the official announcement that the O Scale version of all four Vol.1 kits disks are now available.  Thay are basically the same as the HO disks that we have been selling for a while now, EXCEPT, a couple of the titles will be 2 disk sets.  This is because since the O Scale images are larger than HO, the kits require more pages and all those pages would not fit on a single disk.  (Next batch we will probably put on DVDs so we can fit more on a disk.)  If you have any problems with these new items, either on this site of with Pay-Pal, please let us know as soon as you can so we can fix things immediately.  It has been a long time coming.  Next we move on to N Scale.

Thanks for your support.  Thom & Dave Miecznikowski


Another entry from mr flemming

This time in N scale. this model is small in HO. I can’t imagine building it in N.

The pic speaks for it’s self.