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Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

Well, it’s Thanksgiving and we are thankfull to all of you who made this another great year for Clever Models.  As most of you know, this is also our aniversary.  8 years ago, Thom had this brilliant idea.  And look what’s happened.  BUT, it couldn’r have happened without you all out there.  And we are truely thankfull for each and every one of you.  P.S. It’s also Thom’s birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Thom & Clever Models. Yeah!!!



New pix of the Gypsy trolly

Here’s some pix from last weekends trainfest of John Kosma’s Gypsy Trolly line.



Coming soon, talk about excentric

Bill Laird sent us this and other photos. We have made it into a kit that will be available soon.

It includes a full interior though careful work will be needed to open the windows. It can be built either way.



Just astounded

I was recently going through our correspondance and customer lists and was rather astounded by the number of modelers of considerable repute and even fame who have built our kits and used our materials. I’d like to compile a list but I’m affraid I’d accidently leave someone out.

You can discribe a user base into 3 basic groups. On one end, The Early Adopters. These are adventurous who will try everything. They are atracted to things that set them appart from the average folks.  At the other end of the curve are the “Ludites”. They will never try our product just because it’s not _______ add medium here.(wood, plastic, plaster. etc.)

The biggest part of the market is right in the middle. They are open minded and creative but they would rather not take a risk. They watch what others do and adapt what makes sense to them.

This is the tipping point, The group we need to attract (and are) to find sustainable success. Thanks to you all who have built and worked with our materials. Even more important you have shared information and talked to others about our products and card modeling in general. Thanks to your efforts and your words, we are seeing growth in the middle demographic.

You keep the faith, we’ll keep making quality models that hold down the expence while upping the quality and innovation.

Thank you all sincerely, as we enter the holiday season, our best wishes and thoughts are with you.