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Sn3 modeler

Jim Gore shares his considerable experience with card stock model building in the just released fall & winter issue of Sn3 modeler.  The Sn3 modeler has become a very slick quarterly with excellent articles and photography. You don’t have to be an S scaler to find value there.

Thank you Jim G and Don Heimburger for the spotlight. All of us card stock folks can be proud.


Another free model !!!

BUT not on this site. Sometime this weekend in partnership with “Shortline Modelers Lounge”  We are making available another exclusive kit in conjunction with a full construction tutorial. This kit “General Rope and Wire” will not be available anywhere else. (for 6 months or so at least).

The quality of articles at SML impressed me and I knew everyone here would enjoy it too. We are proud to be a part of it so go check them out this weekend.

The free model and tutorial are now up.

It’s a small but very nice industry. same footprint as our last free kit “Wright’s repair” I know you will like it and hopefully the tutorial will be ok too.




Hi everyone.  Just wanted to let you all know that we will be visiting the O Scale Meet in Indianapolis next weekend, all day Friday, September 21st.  It is at the Wyndom Indianapolis West Hotel, right near the big airport.

WE WILL NOT HAVE TABLES at this show as we feel the cost versus profit is just not there.  We will have our Clever Models shirts on, so if you see us and want something, let us know.  We WILL be able to take care of your need.

So don’t be afraid to come up and say hi.

Dave & Thom


Over the top The free thank you kit is up

Wright’s general repair is a real nice kit that will fill a lot of story in a small space. We will keep it available for free for the next week then it goes away for a while.  It will eventually return as a for sale kit, but not for a while so get it now.

Hope you enjoy it and thank you.