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More Held

Just gorgious photography featuring his G&D enginhouse build from Aristotelese Held.

We have an astounding community of great builders. So many of you always pushing upwards. I think Mr Held has taken the three foot rule to about 3 centimeters.


More Gore

I and others are always bugging Jim for layout pix so heres a couple to hopefully prime the pump for others to send pix of their layouts. I know these pix from Jim just make me want to see more.


Farkle Fabricators

Jim Gore sent me these shots of the “Small machine shop”.  As usual,  they are fantastic. I wish I could share them in the full resolution that we get them in.  His precision and artistry is something to see.  I have to reduce them more that 75% to get them on the web.

Jim always goes the extra mile and it shows.


Something New ? Better maybe?

We still have a lot of work to do, but from time to time you may catch glimpses of a couple of new buttons on the sidebar.  Those locations will be marked as UNDER CONSTRUCTION and the buttons may be there one day and gone the next and then return as we build, but if you see them, go ahead and try them.  I’d like your feedback.