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The 3 foot rule

You know it’s a funny thing.  Some old school self proclaimed expert will come around and spout his wisdom about our paper models.  “Well, I suppose its ok for background stuff, The 3 foot rule and all.” Then I’ll see the same guy bending over with  his nose so close to my layout, that I’m worried about his beer gut getting the better of his balance and there goes a chunk of my hard work.

Three foot rule my shiny hiney.  At Clever Models we work to a three INCH rule.

I was working on my layout, the one that travels around.  I had a real rough “just the walls,no detail” version of our Mercantile.  That’s the triangular one.
It fit so many different places.  I could probably use four of them.  I catch my self thinking “if only it were brick” Duuuuhhh, why not?  So I spent the afternoon drinking coffee and created (or recreated) “Olsen’s Coffee, Importers and Roasters.”  I have to say this is gonna be a winner.  I’m going home to build it right now and I’ll post pix in a few days.


some nice builds from Jay

Jay Duval is new to paper modeling.  He’s made some impressive models and I want to share them.

There are a couple more and I will share them soon.



Quick note from Thom

Hay, I just want to thank everybody and I mean EVERYBODY who has gotten involved with this strange journey called Clever Models.  All of your comments are gold and we do consider each and every one of them.

No matter how busy I might get, I’m on this sight at least twice a day and love it when there’s a new comment or question.  The community keeps growing.

The critters have been a very unexpected success.  Guess I’ll make more.  I have been working on a mine and bridge as well as other buildings of course.  Just a quick reminder that the steel disk has everything you would need for a mine.  That’s one of the reasons I havent rushed it.  The “silver city” mine shed that is available now would be a fine start.



New textures

In the next couple of days we will be adding a series of new high resolution textures.  Our Tar Paper has always been popular but I wanted to expAnd the range.  We will be adding 7 (seven) new styles of Tar Paper in all scales.  Tar Paper with Battens, 2 new distressed varieties and 4 new colors with nail head details.

As mentioned else where on this web blog, I am finalizing new interior collections, signs and awnings.  All coming soon.

Oh yeah.  The critters have been a big success, so there will be more.