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I want to build a bridge

Dang, I realy want to build a bridge. (no place for one on my layout) and a steam shovel (started) and a overhead crane (also started) But my brother that slave driver says i have to finish the O scale CD’s. I had to break the O scale collections into two disk sets to accomidate everything thats on the HO disks. gotta be fair right. Ok already, they are done now let me build a bridge already.

And, I really want to go to CSS and the Narrow gage convention.



The first contest entry (not what I expected!!!) Love this hobby

Ok, heres the first return  John Fleming,  sent this V scale build. I’m always saying I want our kits to inspire creative uses of our materials. here’s an extreme example.

Nice layout too.



You NEVER know what you will find here!

Thom has showed you some things that he is working on, so I thought I’d do the same.  Yep their both Cardstock.  They are not quite complete, but almost.  They are mounted on Bachman WDT 6 wheel drives with Digitrax DZ125 decoders.  The plow on 101 is removable.  They are built to run on our new HOn30 display layout that will be going to shows with us in the near future and YES, there is a string of Cardstock freight cars that goes with them.


A little tease of whats on the drawing board 

I have been toying with this for some time so i thought I’d just finish it up. here are some shots of a very rough test build just to see if all the parts fit the way i intended. I’m considering adding an interior.