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Today marks another milestone in the expansion of our ability to provide you with the best in cardstock models and texture sheets.  There is an announcement on the HOME & TEXTURE pages, letting you know that all of the textures you have enjoyed, can now be purchased on line and immediately downloaded.

Many of you have asked for this feature and even though it took us a while to figure out how to make it work,  IT”S DONE!

If you go to the “TEXTURES” page, you will see the usual thumbnails that have been there since we started.  BUT now, when you click on them, in stead of just getting a bigger picture, you get a much bigger, better picture and “ADD TO CART” buttons that you can click to purchase the texture.  Clicking on any of the buttons will take you to a “SHOPPING CART” page and from there you may purchase the item either with Pay-Pal or a credit card.  Those of you who still wish to pay by check or money order will have to use our “CONTACT” page to email us for instructions.

Please note that while we really try to get things perfect right from the beginning, we know that “stuff happens”.  If you have any concerns or difficulties, please contact us immediately and describe the situation so that we can make it better.

One of the big advantages, to you and us, of this additional feature, is that we can now make more items easily availabel in a lot less time.  Very soon you will see textures show up that you haven’t seen before.

And speaking of more items, start watching the “MODELS” page.  Downloadable kits will be showing up very soon!

Thanks for your continued support.

Dave & Thom Miecznikowski

P.S.  10:03 PM, 04/18/2010  I just finished making the Mercantile downloadable

10:45 PM, 04/22/2010: The Silver Sity Mine Building and the Roadside Stand are now downloadable.

12:51 AM, 04/24/2010: Plant #2 is now downloadable.

05:17 PM, 04/24/2010: Jefferson Ice Co. in now downloadable.

02:12 AM, 04/25/2010: Yard Shed, Insulbrick & Frame Garages are now downloadable.


Whats on the drawing board

As I make what conversions and such to get ready for our downloads (instant gratification) section, I’m also getting some long over due corners tucked.  Primarily getting the S scale and N scale kits finalized.    What this means right this moment is that when I pull up a project to finish, I am making the S and N at the same time which is different from my method of the past.  Originally everything was O scale first.  I’d get around to the HO pretty quick but the S and N kind of got a bit swept under the rug.  Bad practice I know but since we were committing to burning disks we had to prioritise what we had time to manufacture.  We had lots of demand for S so that was in the works anyway but having the instant download feature looming has lit the fire to fill the gaps.  So I just finalized a handful of new kits and they will be made available in all scales really soon.

I don’t know how fast we will be able to post the downloads.  I suspect it’s going to take quite a wile.  Here’s a picture of one of the prototypes for one of the new kits, a steel mine building in Silver city NV.


A nice build from down under

Lynn did a nice job with this updated Qounset Hut that he will use on his cane railway.  This is a repaint of the original hut that was one of our first kits.  An oldie but a goodie.



Another great kit mod

Dave Morrow has taken the flag stop and with a considerable effort has created this interlocking tower. this is exactly the kind of thing that works really well with card modeling. Our hats off to Dave for thinking outside the box.

All of you builders keep pushing the bar higher.