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New "Beginners" Kits added to "MODELS"

Hi everyone.  Since this is our historic “slow” season, (Till about the end of August.) just thought I’d put up something a bit new.  It’s a small wooden warehouse front that is intended for backdrop duty.  Also put up Royal Imports.  These two really go well together.  Now back to developing the bigger kits.


N scale

The last few days have seen a spike in N scale. i don’t know why. perhaps some magazine ran a review and we haven’t seen it yet. I thought I’d share some pix of n scale builds. Unfortunatly I don’t have the builders name. I appoligize for that but enjoy the pix.


Another build pic

Bill Laird sends this build of our O scale steel shed. A very nice interpretation and very nice use of signage. A seed and feed dealer “Allied Mills”.

We will look forward to seeing more from Bill.


A wealth of pix today

We received a bunch of pix today from Marc Witten and Aristotlese Held. Here’s a small sampling.

From Marc we have some very nice scratch builds and conversions into flats for his traction layout, under construction. Looks promising doesn’t it. Can’t wait to see more. I count 6 CM kits.

and From Aristotelese Held, the G&D watertower to complete the scene with the engine house.

Beautiful work from both.