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John Feltham sent us this picture of a show across the great pond. He was showing his D&RGW based layout and was showing his modification of our Monson snow plow. We thought we would share it here.



New models

Brother Dave stoped by last night, to drop off our second run of disks and also to show me his build of “Rudy Co.”  This kit along with “Hoosier Mama Pies”, will be on Vol. 2 of the Brick and Mortar DVD.  Volume 2 is going to be another jam packed collection.  Even though I vowed to never do an over packed disk again, it’s shaping up that way.  As of right now, B&M Vol. 2 will have “Cream City Tool”, both in light and dark brick (3 buildings all very flexable), our clasic “Jefferson Ice Co.”, “Hoosier Mama Pies”, “Rudy Co. Printing”, “Habbackers Garage” and at least 2 low relief models.  Cream City and Habbakers were both designed by John Kosma, famous for his Gypsy Trolly Line.  I’ve reworked his designs to O scale and to make them easy to build.  There will also be a selection of new Industrial Flats that were inspired by my east coast travels last summer.  I think that’s a pretty good selection for one disk.

pix soon



New from Mark Witten

I have too many new pix to post so I’m going to space them out. here’s an update on the “steeple cab” build by Mark Witten.




Well folks, it’s Thanksgiving and that means that it’s our 6th anniversary.  Yup, it was 6 years ago when my brother Thom came over for dinner and showed me what he had been playing with.  As you can see, it’s a very unique narrow gauge enginhouse.  I could’nt believe that it was paper.  From that conversation we started Clever Models.  I want to thank all of you loyal friends, out there, for all your support, over the years.  Keep watching this blog.  This is going to be an interesting year with lots of new things happening.  Thanks again,

Dave & Thom Miecznikowski