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Kicken my self

At Springfield, Mace Maron brought over an exceptional kitbash and let us display it for the two days. We took down othere display pieces  to make room and the model was a great show stopper.


I never took pix!!!  Mase please send pix. This space is reserved for you.


Taking up the challenge of N scale

David Rarig has sent us several impressive examples Of our kits built in N scale. We continue to be impressed with the results of these building most of which have a footpring under 2”

I see these as comparing well with craftsman work in larger scales.




A few pix from Springfield

Just a few pix to share from the Amherst Springfield show.

Number 2 works the scrapyard.

Working at the Cannery


These are all by Jaime Zepeda.

Our demo layout during setup.

Jaime helping to crush the 3 foot rule. More to come.


Springfield wrap up

As expected Springfield was great fun, great tiring fun. What a drive. As expected there was lots to see and inspiration for what new kits we might bring forward. Best part however is always the people. new and old friends. names from the various forums now attached to faces and handshakes.

As always, folks loved what they saw and expressed it with their comments and dollars. Lots of new users and returning fans to fill out their Clever Models disk collections. Lots of great deals on multy disk orders.

We also got an invitation from the NMRA to do a 2 hour presentation next year so I guess we’ll be going back again.

Two folks also shared a rumor which I can’t share here. Maybe they were pulling my chain. But if true I can’t believe that HE would have our kits on THAT layout.

We enjoied the continued support of the big names in the hobby. All in all, a worthwile endevor.