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Over the top The free thank you kit is up

Wright’s general repair is a real nice kit that will fill a lot of story in a small space. We will keep it available for free for the next week then it goes away for a while.  It will eventually return as a for sale kit, but not for a while so get it now.

Hope you enjoy it and thank you.



Everyone, I want to thank you for helping put us over the top, setting a sales record for the month of August and for the year. It was very close and down to the wire. I don’t have the exact count yet but it looks like about 20 of you made the extra push that got us there.  In the next couple of days we will be offering a very special kit as a thankyou in the “freebies section”

What a great way to come out of the summer sales slump.

Thank you
Thom & Dave
Clever models



Over the top

Making the Engine house a download seems to have been a good idea.  We have sold a couple of them in the last 24hrs.  Remember this is the kit we almost never released because it was so big and too expensive.

August has been a pretty good month so far.  Much needed after the sales desert that is April thru July, where we bite our nails and wonder what were we thinking?  Craftsman model kits made from paper?  But you folks have been there with us, some from the very begining for the last 9 years (almost, Nov 25th).

As of today, August 30th, one day left to the month and I want to ask a favor.  If youv’e been thinking of making an order, a couple of textures, a small kit, your first DVD collection (hay, a copy of everything. doesen’t hurt to ask), we are within a couple of hundred bucks of making August the best month in the last 12 months and that would be cool to come out of the dumps swinging.

OK, I know it sounds like a public telivision fund drive, but like public TV, if we meet our goal, I’m going to put a brand new kit up as a freebie for a week. (Remember when we put the Western store up?  That was crazy.) Something like that.  I haven’t really thought this through.  I was just tracking sales for the month and thought “man, we’re close”.

So we got about 30 hrs to sell an additional $200.  I love crazy stuff like this.



Just wanted to let everyone know, that because of popular demand, the GORRE enginehouse is available for download in O and HO scales.