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Follow up to Kirk's follow up

Here’s another shot of what I did on Kirk’s 1st floor.


Kirk's follow up.

Some folks expressed the idea that Kirk’s cried out for a full interior.  While a “partial” interior is included with the kit, with a bit of creativity a full interior is pretty easy to do.  Soon I will publish more pix, but for now here’s just one.  The pieces to do this ARE in the kit, but I chose not to show too much in the publicity pix as the interior included, musd be enhanced to get to this level.  Not hard, but time consuming.


Kirk's Books now available.

Just made a small New England styled book store available on the MODELS page.  I tried something new and put a composite of 7 pictures there.  Hope you all like it.

Following up on some of our recent posts.  I was hoping to get out a lot of kits in the next couple of weeks and I still hope to,  but it will probably only be one more by Christmas and another by the end of the year.

The new disc will not make Christmas, but I’m hoping for early next year.



Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all enjoy getting together with family of friends to reflect all the things to be thankful for.

It also marks the day we started CM as we go into our 8th year.