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AH... Summertime

Hi everyone.  Well the summer slowdown is apparently here.  I’m sure that you are all working in your gardens, and going on, or getting ready for vacations or enjoying other pastimes.  This is obviously our slow season.  Happens every year, although this year it has started a bit later than usual.

While we appreciate those of you that continue to buy in the warm months, we realize that model building is not a big summertime priority.  We will be here when you all get back in September, or so, but I wanted to let you know what I plan on doing during our slow months.

Besides keeping all this going and continuing to get pix and footprints and new kits onto the website, I will be working to build reverse loops for our traveling O scale switching layout.  And I really need to get to it as I’ve made a commitment to have it ready for the 2013 O scale March Meet.  We have had the layout there many times before and it is a great way for us to display our kits in a natural envitonment, but I want to be able to lets some trains run while I spend time with you, when you visit , as you always do.

I posted a rather poor quality trackplan, of the current 16’-0 x 30” version, a few months ago.  I plan on posting a complete, much higher quality, trackplan of the layout very soon and then progress photos as I get along.

I hope you find it entertaining.  (And it will keep the pressure on me to finish the thing.)



I’m sure that some of you, out there in paper model land, have noticed that things like buttons and such, may no longer be where you remember them.  Well, please bear with me as I attempt to streamline and organize things a little better.  I’ve learned a lot about writing HTML code recently, and I hope I am putting it to good use.  Everything, at the moment, is in a state of flux, hopefully for the good.  So if you see something that you don’t like, don’t assume that it is final.  Just let me know what you think.  Suggestions are always welcome here.  (We may not pay attention to them, but they are welcome.)



New Freebies

I thought it was time to freshen up the Freebies. I just uploaded two kits for you to enjoy. I think they will be very useful.

one is an 85’ brick chimney and the other is a section of steel and concrete pier. They are HO and O but could be in almost any scale.

Hope you like them



There is a new button available.  It’s called MODEL GALLERY.  This is where you will find pictures of all of our kits.  Yes, I’m finally getting around to it after all these years.  I know.  It’s about time.  So far, about half the kits available are shown and I am dilligently working on the rest.  Hope you like this new feature.