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Some nice pix

Aristoteles Held has shared some pix showing more evidence of his excellent building skill.

The ever popular shed, done perfectly.

i wonder if we can talk him into sharing some of his techniques and experiences



ta da

I believe we can only sell this domestically.  Not sure why.


Next week 

We will be releasing our new line of starter and budget disks. One of the disks is called “More Brick bldg.”

There will be 3 kits plus extras. These disks will be a flat 20 bucks.  This one will have, “The Jefferson Ice Co.”, .”The Small Machine Shop” and “The Brick Mercantile”.   I know not the most creative names.

I want to talk about the brick version of our popular mercantile building. the original merc. is a small odd triangular building.  If I hadent seen similar buildings in real life, I wouldn’t believe any one would build such a narrow structure.  There are several  in Chicago. the “Matchbox Tap” comes to mind.   At one end, I don’t think it’s 8 feet wide.  Back to the point.  What makes this building so usefull is that it fits so many hard to fit spots.  It’s just enough of a view break on a layout to help define a scene.  I have three of them on my layout and it’s really small.  It’s just the most usefull structure I’ve ever seen.

Not wanting 3 identicle buildings on my layout, I made this brick version and we are finally making it available.

Here’s a CG rendering of the model.




Getting to know you...da da da da da dada

I try to keep track of the folks who visit us. Not to great detail but I like to know what our reach is. It’s rather facinating to see the spread. Theres the group who are involved in the discussions and blog and then a seperate group who downloads kits via Payloadz and still another group who seems to prefer purchasing the dvd’s.

Certainly there is cross over but the group who downloads but otherewise stays to themselves are very diverse and very interesting. I’d love to be able to converse with more of them. Because of the automation involved with downloads we don’t have much opportunity for contact. What an interesting group they are. From all over the world, both men and women. I can’t help but wonder do they like us? Are they happy with our products? Do they read the blog?

So I’m reaching out to those who have not made contact. Just say Hi. I’m setting up a section in discussions so you can do just that. don’t want to get into a deep discussion, that’s fine just say Hi.