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Would this be a good free model?

Here’s a model of a Monson snow plow that I love but I’m not sure what to do with it. Jim Gore built this and i did a small amount of retouching in Photoshop to reflect design changes made after the fact (sealed windows)

It’s a bit specialised being narrow gage. Perhaps it would be better to offer something with a broader appeal. Comments. just add trucks and grab irons.



Future free downloads

Well, our experience running the free download kit contest has been eye opening to say the least. I can only say that it felt good to offer a great and unique model to all of the visitors to this web site. My brother and I are evaluating the data we were able to gather so we can make this page more useful to the modeling community. It’s obvious that free downloads will be a regular feature. we will also run additional contests from time to time, perhaps a couple a year. We may also experiment with payed instant downloads. We are still exploring what the best delivery system is for our product.

I’m trying to decide what the next free model will be. As before it will only be available for a couple of weeks, however we will not retire it as we did the tool shed. It will find a place in a future collection, probably in the extras folder that is found on every disk.

On a side note we are trying to make an effort to be involved in more shows. As noted previously Inde was great. I don’t think we can get into Trainfest as they seem to be booked solid but we will be there likely selling disks from under our coats.

See you on down the line.



Indy O Meet Comments

Well, we just got back from the meet and as usual it was a big success.  We heard from the show organizer that Friday was record attendance.  Can not say for sure since we did not get there till after the show closed.  Traffic on I-65 was a real nightmare.  But they let us in a bit early on Saturday morning and we got our tables set up.  They opened the doors to the public at 9:00 and from then on, it was a great time of greeting old friends and making many, many new ones.  Sales were great and we sold out some of the new O scale disks.  Do not worry.  We have plenty left, just not at the show.  All in all, we had a great time and even made a couple of good purchases.  That is all for now.  Our next show will probably be back at the Great Midwest Train Show at the Dupage Illinois County Fairgrounds on October 11th.  Come on out and see us.


Indianapolis O Scale Meet September 18 & 19

Hi everyone, Dave Here.  Just wanted to make sure you all know that we will have a couple of tables at the Indianapolis O Scale Meet.  It’s Friday September 18th, from noon to 8PM and Saturday 9AM to 3PM.  Unfortunately, because of an unavoidable conflict, we won’t be arriving until just before closing on Friday.  We would love for you all come out and see us on Saturday.  The show is at the Ramada Inn Indianapolis, 7701 E. 42nd. Street.  That’s Pendleton Pike & 465 (Exit 42) and the Hotel phone is 317 897-4000.  We will have our new Structure Disks in O Scale for the first time anywhere.  There will also be a few new things to see.  Hope to see you all there.