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SNOW DAY DECLARED (snow week?)

Just wanted to let everyone know that when we returned from the West Springfield show, we ended up getting 24” of snow in Chicago.  This has slowed us down in catching up on orders.  We ask you all to please be patient and we will get your orders filled as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thom & Dave



First street

first street was very popular with about a dozen folks (at the show) opting for the pre order with the bonus kit. Added to the folks who ordered here in the previous week and I better get busy sending out those Central camera bonus kits.



3 ft of snow, It's a fine day for building card stock models

Too much snow to go to the local hobby shop but an excellent day to download a kit and build away with no distractions.

let it snow




Hi everyone.  As we promised, our latest release 1st. Street Comercial Buildings is now available to order for LATE FEBRUARY SHIPPMENT.  They are available in O & HO.  Let us know if you want them in S.  Go to the BUY DISCS section, (above, left) just like you normally would and click on the ADD TO CART button.  We will immediately take your hard earned money, BUT we will not be ready to ship until near the end of February.  YOU ARE PRE-PURCHSING.  What’s holding shipping up is that we are still doing test builds on White Castle’s and Harvey”s Hobbies.  As soon as they are done we will get a bunch of pictures up, but trust me, and I know that you do, THIS ONE WILL BLOW YOU SOCKS CLEAN OFF.  We have never made kits like these.  I think they rival some of the best stick built kits, but you will just have to wait and see.  6 of the 8 kits on this disc will be on display at the Springfield show this weekend.  Talk to you all soon,

Dave & Thom