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Some really nice variations on the Western store

Bob Bruce has taken the “Western store” and made some really nice kit bash variations. I hope he’ll tell us more about his work and keep sharing pix. These are all 1/4 scale and show a lot of craftsmanship.


Wondering if you participated in this?

Hi everyone.  First let me again, thank you all for your support of Clever Models.  This year is on track to be our best year ever and it’s all because of YOU!

Second, In the last month we have tried somethiing new.  Twice we have had 50% off sales, but only for those who attended certain events and received a “code” to enter when checking out an order which gave you 50% off of your entire purchase, not including shipping.

I thought it would be easy to track those orders, but alas, I’m either mistaken or just plain dumb, or nobody took advantage.  So, if you attended those events, which were Ed Traxler’s recent clinic on paper models for an NMRA regional, or the O scale March Meet and used the feature, please let me know at <>.  Please let me know also, if there were any problems and how easy it was to understand the procedure.  All that was necessary, was to type an 8 digit code number into a box on the normal checkout screen.

I hope that many of you used this opportunity.  There will be more so that the majority of you can get in on the savings, not just those that attend special events.

Thanks for your feedback.

Dave & Thom

P.S. As a reward for reading this, all the way to the end, enter the code, 493270IF, into the box you will find on the pay-pal checkout page and you will receive 50% off on your entire purchase (not including shipping on DVD orders), until April 13th.


Follow up to item on the disscussion board

The question was asked if anyone has used the sewer gratings that comes with the sidewalk texture that is part of the “EXTRAS” folder on the 1st. Street DVD.  I looked through our files and could only find one pic.  Hope this helps. (Note that the sidewalk is not shown.)

Dave Miecznikowski


The first structure

This was put together from scraps of a kit and is not intended as a prototype for a new kit but who knows.