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Another build pic

Bill Laird sends this build of our O scale steel shed. A very nice interpretation and very nice use of signage. A seed and feed dealer “Allied Mills”.

We will look forward to seeing more from Bill.


A wealth of pix today

We received a bunch of pix today from Marc Witten and Aristotlese Held. Here’s a small sampling.

From Marc we have some very nice scratch builds and conversions into flats for his traction layout, under construction. Looks promising doesn’t it. Can’t wait to see more. I count 6 CM kits.

and From Aristotelese Held, the G&D watertower to complete the scene with the engine house.

Beautiful work from both.


Great news if your looking for a printer

In a very unusual step, Epson is again selling the Stylus C88+. This is an older workhorse printer that was discontinued a while ago. I just ordered one and I should have gotten two.

At $84 bucks you just can’t beat it. When they were discontinued, I bought an Epson C120 and while it did the job, it was a bit more finicky then the C88’s

I don’t know why, but I hope it is permanant. If you’re looking for a great, no nonsense printer for card stock, go get one.


More on Harvey's

Hi everyone.  There is still a lot to do on this model.  All the trim pieces need to be added as does a chimney and of course the hanging sign that goes between the windows.

Actually this isn’t the best of kits.  I’m discovering lots of ways to make it much better and more complete.  We will probably do an update in the fairly near future as a free download.

I know you can’t see it really well, but the interior is made of photographs of my local hobby shop.  Unfortunately, the real Harvey’s is not currently open.