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PIX of some items from the CRITTERS & CARS DVD are now on-line

Just click on the “Critters & Cars Disc Gallery” to see a few examples of what in on that DVD.  There are additional “CRITTERS”, a STEEPLECAB electric and side tanks and cab that fit the new BHC 0-6-0 in HO scale.  We have also included our narrow gauge ENGINE SHED structure kit.


In the works

Here’s somthing I quickly put together from some raw kits to show what’s in the city street scene.  All of these kits are done but need to be built and photographed.  Hoosier Mama, Skippie’s, the coal vender and Central Camera (the sign), the White Castle and the hobby shop are real world buildings.

heres a shot of Rudy’s built. note the interior. All of the new kits have interiors.


New kit inspiration

I was walking around downtown Chicago and happened by A LOOP landmark. I had to cheat the building dimensions but it’s the sign that I wanted to capture. So here’s a new kit I finished today “Central camera” We’ll make it available as soon as i can get a test build and photo’s done.



Some of you long time customers will remember that our web address USED to be a .com.  A while ago, that address somehow got stolen and we were forced to change to .net.  Unfortunately, it has just been brought to my attention that the old .com address has recently become attached to a porn site.  THIS IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL AND HAS NO ASSOCIATION TO THIS COMPANY.  I appologize for any problems or embarrassment that this has caused.  We are trying to correct this situation, but it is a difficult battle.  Discs that we have sold prior to this, because they were printed quite a while ago, still show the .com on the front.  Discs sold after this will have a label directing you to the correct web address.  Please DO NOT visit the old .com address.

Thom & Dave Miecznikowski