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Kirk's Books now available.

Just made a small New England styled book store available on the MODELS page.  I tried something new and put a composite of 7 pictures there.  Hope you all like it.

Following up on some of our recent posts.  I was hoping to get out a lot of kits in the next couple of weeks and I still hope to,  but it will probably only be one more by Christmas and another by the end of the year.

The new disc will not make Christmas, but I’m hoping for early next year.



Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all enjoy getting together with family of friends to reflect all the things to be thankful for.

It also marks the day we started CM as we go into our 8th year.


I need your help

Greetings all you intrepid paper lovers.  We have mentioned recently that we want to do some Chama buildings and also some mine tipples.  We have been working on them, but things do take time.  I need your help with my current task.  One of the things that we have to be able to do for either of these projects is to be able to produce timber trestle bents and cribbing in various sizes.  (The buildings themselves are the easy part.  It’s the support pieces that really mess up a schedule.)  I would really appreciate it is you all would look at the three pictures and let me know your opinions.  Does this look enough like wood or do I have to make some revisions.  One interesting thing about this bent is that the material to make it costs about 75¢, but the NBW cstings (Grandt) are like $5.00.  And they are only on one side.  (NO!, I can’t make paper NBW’s)  So please let me know what you think.  Everything is straight so don’t pick on that.  I was just so close the image started to distort.

Thanks for your help.



A new collection nears completion

It appears we will have a new collection ready soon.  I’m not quite sure what to call it.  It’s a mix of shops and store fronts, mostly wood.  The plan is to make them available on DVD and as downloads at the same time.  Right now the list includes.

A corner store with a two sided stepped porch, awnings and full interior.  A book shop with full interior and a heavy stone foundation.  It would look great in a port town.  Beattie’s grocery.  Its stucco.  The prototype is in California, but it could be from anywhere.  The Western store that’s been available for a while, but with several new features and both a right and left side entrance.  A  reworking of The Mercantile in brick.  You can never have too many triangular buildings.  And of course, the usual load of extras and surprises.

I may add a light house based on the recent build on MRR Forums.

Also in the works, a Section House that matches our CN watertower.  A new Small Brick Factory.  A dark brick version of Cream City (I have been trying to get this kit to work in O scale but it’s just gianormous.)  Anybody who really wants it in O scale, speak up.

Thats it for now, I think.  Oh wait, there is that Gas Station I’ve been playing with.