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A new kit coming soon- correction, It's here. you can download it now.

Here’s a small branchline depot.  It’s my new favorite.  I just completed the test build shown here and after I make a couple of small adjustments, we will make it available.

this model is HO.


Jerry Beach builds our Western Store / Saddle Shop

Here’s a real nice build we received recently that I want to share.  It’s the Western Store / Saddle Shop. This kit will be available in all scales and ready for download in the next few days.

It’s not shown here but the kit has a complete interior.


A new freebie

I’m trying something a bit different this month.  I just put up a file called “Mike’s Luggage”.  This is a sheet of O scale steel signage.  This should be useful for everyone, even the folks who say they won’t use paper models.  This is also a bit of a tease. We have about 2 dozen similar signage kits ready to go and we do have them in all the scales.  I’m posting the O scale since signs can be easily resized and are generally not scale specific.

Models that will be showing up for download soon will include sets of interior pieces, window awnings and many more signs.



NEW KIT added to models page

We just added American Steel Pipe Works to our list of available models.  This is something that the steel mill modelers, out ther have asked for, for a long time.  It is a “low-relief” kit meant to be up against the backdrop, but using some ingenuity and liberal amounts of various colors of our corrugated steel sheet textures, can, and has, been made into a huge foreground model.  Just print out the ends twice and connect them with as much sheeting, in between as you like.  That is what makes cardstock modeling the great medium that it is.  You can build something twice the size of anything else on the market for 1/10 the cost.