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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

WOW! everyone.  Thanks for the orders.  I’m declaring the 50% off sale a rousing success.  BUT!  I just neet to tell you that at the moment I’m a bit backed up.  Please keep the orders coming, but it may take a week or two to get your DVD’s.  You’ve completely eaten up all of our inventory and I need to catch up.

Thanks, Dave


I've been waiting for these pix from Mase Marron

Thank you Mase. We were fortunate enough to have this model displayed on our table at the Springfield show. It was what you might call a “Show stopper” and then I forgot to take pictures, doooooooe.

It’s a very modified kit bash combining plant #2 and Rudy’s printing. He scratched the steel ladders. And named it in true model railroad tradition ;)

Wish you could experience it live. The craftsmanshop is impecable.



One more from Bob Bruce

Guess I forgot this one.


Since I messed up, I must explain!

When I posted the 1/2 off sale for entering a code when you checkout of and order, I didn’t realize that IT WOULD ONLY WORK FOR DOWNLOADS.  It DOESN’T WORK FOR DVD ORDERS.  We learn as we go here.  Long story short, it has to do with downloads being automatically handled by one host and DVD being sent manually, by us.

Anyway, when you check out with a download order, you will see a box to type the discount code into.  The order amount shown will not change unless you click on the word “update” near the displayed price.  Just like if you change quantities of an item.  Even if you don’t click on update, you will still receive the discount automatically.

Untill I figure out how to do the DVD side of things correctly, please place your order in the normal way.  You will be charged the full price.  Next, and I know that this is a hassle, please email me at <> that you would like the discount and I will refund 1/2 of you purchase price, not including shipping.

I will continue to work on making this seamless for future sales, but for this one ,I LEARN AS WE GO.

Sorry for the inconvenience,