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Picture of central camera


Special Sale

Here’s a CG pic of the “Bunkhouse” kit that we are offering as a free bonus with the purchase of the “Wester Store” and any other kit or any DVD. WE will send the kit via email attachment as soon as we get confirmation of your purchase. This sale runs to the end of the month. This kit is based on drawings by Lynn Zelmer.

Thanks for all of your support.


Another new kit. Just couldn't help myself.

Just added a third new kit this week.  I thought I was done, but this one has been rattling around the shop for so long, it was way past time to make it available.  It’s not necessarily a beginner kit, like the last two, but it’s not hard either.  Has great potential for bashing.


New "Beginners" Kits added to "MODELS"

Hi everyone.  Since this is our historic “slow” season, (Till about the end of August.) just thought I’d put up something a bit new.  It’s a small wooden warehouse front that is intended for backdrop duty.  Also put up Royal Imports.  These two really go well together.  Now back to developing the bigger kits.