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Brother Dave puts on his designer hat

and it’s about time. Think I’ll wait a bit to post pix. I know he’s trying some tests and from what I’ve seen, he’s on to some thing awsome.

A hint, it’s round.

I suck at keeping secrets.



White Castle

This is the one that’s holding things up. Totally my fault. Dave makes them look good no matter what junk I give him. What was I thinking with that huge vent?


We are now an official Gazelle digital die cutter dealer.


The Gazell die cutter may be pink but it’s a serious precision cutting tool. with 500 g of cutting pressure it rates as one of the more powerful digital cutters available on the desktop.

These cutters are originally intended for sign makers and scrap booking but their function is very much like a laser but at a fraction of the price. Our price will be $449.95

The original Gazelle package including your new Gazelle 12 inch electronic die cutting machine, 1 heavy duty blade holder, 1 heavy duty standard blade, 1 12x12 cutting mat, 1 power supply cord, 1 power adapter, the program cd with Gazelle Funtime III software and 700+ designs, 1 video training cd, and a bonus cd with manuals, instructions and over $100 worth of select Boss Kut Designs.   The Gazelle will cut 12” media. It’s software is easy to use.  500 g of pressure. Cuts cardstock, chipboard, balsa wood, foam, Grafix plastic sheets, metallic papers, vinyl and other media.  
It has easy to use welding right in the software, Auto-trace and many more features. The Gazelle comes with Funtime Software with hundreds of great features.  700 built in shapes, and 200 fonts plus can cut true type fonts. You can import .ai files, .wpc files, .plt files, .jpeg files, and .bmp files.  


We have a forum that is exclusively for tech support and training as well as phone support when needed. We fully support our cutter and have excellent tech support people.

System Requirements: Windows Operating System (XP or Vista) Our driver will support Vista 32 or Vista 64 Window 7

CD-ROM reader

700 meg HD space

2 USB Ports

We are currently researching other digital cutters with even more advanced features in the sub $1000 price range.


Another First street kit from my brothers overworked craft table.

This is the Coal vendor, Not an exciting name but it’s accurate. the kit also includes coal bins and a loader.

It doesent show here but there is a ful interior.