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Playin with trains

I got a train set. At 58 it was still a thrill to get a train set. My brother knows I wanted to build a narrow gauge micro layout. last night I got to open a Mini trains loco and mine cars and enough Tomix track to build two layouts. I’m a very happy 58 year old kid. I got a good brother and partner in Clever models.

Thanks bro, your the best.



HO HO HO, O, S and N

After Christmas I wonder if Santa layes off any elves. I could sure use the help. We are officially gearing up for Springfield. The layout is being cleaned and pollished. My Big bro “head elf” is feverishly building and burning disks. We will have all the 5 new “Jefferson collection” disks in O and HO.

 I promissed the Chama coal tower. It will be ready but likely not built.


It’s Christmas time. Time for family, friends and good cheer. Over the years you have all become a part of our family. Our hartiest best wishes and thanks to you all.

Thom & Dave and all the extended Clever’s


End of the world sale ending

Since the world didn’t end, alas, the sale must.  You have until midnight, my local time.  37 minutes.



Please read these instructions completely.

To celebrate the “end” of the Myan calender, today (12/20) and tomorrow (12/21), Download any two (2) kits (sorry, no textures) from this website and receive one (1) kit of lesser or equal value to the sum of both kits regular price, FREE.


After purchasing your two kits, you will need to send us an email (use the CONTACT page) to tell us which kit you want for free.  If we are all still here after the 21st., your free download (no pre-printed allowed) will magically appear in you mailbox.  Be sure to include the scale, and part number (or a real good description) of the kit you want, in your email.  It would be a good idea to include your name and phone number, just in case there is a problem with email.  (Sometimes filtering software interferes with downloads.)

Thanks,  Dave & Thom Miecznikowski