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Here's the original Music shop

It will be available soon.  The witches hat is optional and included, as are a selection of awnings.



a nice modification of the music store By Jim Gore

Smitty’s music becomes Miss Sue’s fine dining.

As usual, Jim’s attention to detail makes for a fine contest level (in my opinion) model.  I really like how he used the interior and lighting.


The small steel mill building

Is it odd that this older kit is currently out selling all others? It is very flexible, but is there something about it that folks find particularily attractive ?

There are several other steel-sided kits that I think are complimentary to it.

The two steel utility sheds with and without windows are obvious as is the large steel mill building.

Or, the American Steel Pipe mill flat, the Tin Shed or even the Steel Car Barn.  Personally, I like to work in some brick with my steel, like  the Small Factory, the Turbine House & Plant #2.

Guess they all look good together.

If your one of the many people who have the small steel mill building, it would be great if you shared your thoughts on why you bought it and how your using it.



The Chama report

I thought I’d give a quick update on the Chama project.

Structurally the coal tower is complete. All the framing timbers (most models fudge the timbers. if you look you will see that there are thick round posts and a cross beam in 2 corners) are completed. The building and pully house are complete. What remains are the fiddely bits, the skiff tracks and bucket, the under track dump and conveyor and the coal chute. We are planning to release it at the Springfield show.

More soon.