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First time builder

Rick Camp has sent these pix of his first time working with card stock.

Ricks words (I like it when people share their experiences)

 Hi Thom,  Attached are some pictures from a recently completed build. This
was my first try at building a “paper model” I couldn’t resist adding the
wooden loading dock and trim. I’m guessing the total time spent on this
build was less than 5 hours, including the photo shop time, considerably
less time that a wooden model would take, I didn’t have to spend a lot of
time with details and am quite pleased with the results.
I did not use the folding tabs, instead chose to laminate the printed
download (100 lb card stock) onto 1/4” foam core board using “ALEEN’S TACKY
GLUE”. The wooden portion is white cedar stained w/ rubbing alcohol & black
India Ink, CA glue was used for most everything else, then sprayed with
Krylon flat clear finish ( I made a mistake and 1st sprayed it with clear
gloss) then simply re-sprayed with the flat coat.

I am encouraged by the quality and service of your downloads ( I bought 5
when they were 1/2 price). I have perused your entire website and learned
much from it.
Anxious to continue building the other four and look forward to buying more.
If you want to post these on the Blog, please feel free to do so.

A nice clean first effort. We are looking forward to seeing what he comes up as he goes forward in his exploration of card stock modeling. Rick the next step is to explore layering. thanks for sharing.


Central camera by Aristoteles Held

Continuing on with the showcase of excellence in building that we are enjoying recently, Aristoteles (can we call you Ari?) has sent these beautifully done “central camera builds” I believe these are HO.

Super clean and tight.

Also note how nice the walks and drains came out.


N scale scratch build

Thanks to Don Schmitt for sending these pix of his build in N scale of a real world prototype.

The Thos Crapper plumbing co.

very nicely done. Impressive in any scale.


Sale ending!

Just wanted everyone to know that the current 50% off sale will end at Midnight, Friday the 12th.