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Our NEW all paper demo layout

Not to drift too far from the kit world but I want to show a bit of our new demo layout which will feature a  Mining and sea port theme.

heres the first pass at roughing out the scenery in foam.

I’m doing a build thread over at MRR forums but don’t look for too aggressive updates. I have a lot of other stuff needs doing.


The immediate future, continued

I just released the O and HO burgerstand to my brother for testing.  “Greezy Gus’s” should be available shortly.

The Union Hotel will follow soon after that.   I’m leaving the odd window arrangement as it is. That’s how the original drawings show it and I’m going with that.

That will likely be followed by “Zelmers general produce”.  A nice sized wood warehouse with lift tower, cupolas  and nice graphics. Specially designed for Lynn Zelmer our sugar cane plantation friend from down under.


The immediate future

Theres a lot hanging in the wings. a bunch of kits so close to being done, I don’t have any real reason to not finish them in the next couple of days. Also it’s about time for a couple of freebies. I had one ready around the holidays but was talked into holding it back due to subject matter. Its a retrofit adult book store intended to be used with the qounset hut. It will be up shortly. It’s mostly signage but it’s fun. I saw this in Cleveland.

Also coming next week the burgerstand and the Union hotel. 

I had promissed Chama by Springfield, Obviously I missed it. I just can’t justify releasing what is obviously a major model untill it’s bulletproof. its very close but I want to get several other kits out first.


Kicken my self

At Springfield, Mace Maron brought over an exceptional kitbash and let us display it for the two days. We took down othere display pieces  to make room and the model was a great show stopper.


I never took pix!!!  Mase please send pix. This space is reserved for you.