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Model rail Scotland

Bryan Gundry, photographed this modified Plant#2 wile visiting the “Model Rail Scotland” show.

Thanks for the sharp eye Bryan.


Pix submissions

We have been getting lots more pix lately and I fear I may have missed posting a few.  I try to space them out and every now and again one or two might slip by.  Untill we can find the time to put in a gallery, (and we need to) please understand that if you sent a pic and it didn’t get posted, it’s just me being incompetent.


A kitbash from John Kosma

John is a known figure around here.  He was one of the very first to build our kits.  He sent us these pix of a kitbash using 2 Coal vendor models.  He has a real good eye for capturing thr essance of a place. This is right out of our old neighborhood of 81st street in Chicago. (even if it says Wisconsin)


I stink at keeping secrets even more than Thom!

You get one picture and only one.  This is going to take a while.  There are allot of mechanics to figure out.  This has got to be structural, as well as beautiful.  No prototype.  Just out of my warped imagination so you guys can’t quibble about details.  NO RIVIT COUNTING ALLOWED!  I’m not even thinking about powering.  Strictly manual.