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Issue concerning White Castles

Hi everyone.  We’ve been made aware that there are some problems with the White Castles kit, (Both Brick & Steel versions) that has been available for download and on the 1st. Street DVD.  The walls and roof just don’t match up.  We try very hard to present a quality product, but even with all our checks, we sometimes mess up.  So we have revised the model and made sure things fit like they are supposed to.  We have placed the various versions of the kit in the FREEBIES section and it will remain there for about 3 weeks.  After that, we will still have it vailable for folks that ask.  The download and DVD files have been corrected.  All of the files and sheets should indicate that they are “revised”.  Sorry for the problem.

Dave & Thom


The BRICK MERCANTILE is now available

I just added the Brick Mercantile to the MODELS area in O and HO scale.


Smitty's Music Shop is now available.

Just posted Smitty’s in the MODELS area in O and HO scale.


A little something from the N and Z scale crowd

and I mean ” little”, Vernon Sargent sends his efforts in Z.  Wow!