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"POSSIBLE" catalog page format

This is a continuation of a discussion about a possible “downloadable” catalog, we are having on the “discussion” page.  Can’t post pix there. Just thinking how a catalog page might look.  Comment, if you wish.  Nothing is in concrete.  I know the pix have shadows and the footprint is too light, just trying things on for size and layout.


A nice Rudy's mod

Jim turned Rudy’s into “Ray’s pool hall” and did his usual top quality build.



Friends, we have been made aware that there is someone out there refered to as clevermodels01 that is sending out email to view his pictutres on “My Daily Flog”.  At this time WE DO NOT KNOW WHO OR WHAT THIS IS.  It may be a modeler who is posting pix of kits he has built, or IT MIGHT BE SOMETHING ELSE!  When you click on the link, you are taken to a page that asks you to register with email address and password.  IF I WERE YOU, I WOULD NOT!  We don’t know who this is or what it might be.  We will try to investigate and let you know what we find out, but until we have some diffinitive information, we would suggest in the strongest terms possible, DON’T LOG ON!

As I said, we will keep you informed, but I think this might be a tough one to investigate.

Dave & Thom


A couple of kit bashes

just a couple of models by our good buddy John bashed from some of our kits.

Also This great original Brewery background flat design by John. I’m going to post his original art in the freebies section. sorry its HO only and a JPG so there is a small amount of image degradation that happens when you re-save a JPG. I’ll have to convert them to PDF so I can rename the files and keep them from compressing further.