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Happy fathers  day

How fortunate to be a dad. A day to kick back have the kids visit and build a model or two.

I havent ranted about paper being such a great modeling matereial in a wile but it really struck me this morning how great a fresh clean, unblemished material it is. I just don’t get why anyone would want to mess with that grainy, splinterey, often stained and warped wood stuff or that souless, vile petrochemical product called plastic.

Ahhhh, pure clean paper.



A NEW contest for the month of July. Deadline Aug 1st

Actually for the remainder of this month and July.

We are asking any interested modelers to create a Kit Bash using Clever models parts. The models will be judged using craftsmanship and creativity as the guide line. A really creative model will win out over a perfect craftsman build but if there are 2 really creative models the better crafted build will be the deciding factor.

The prize will be a custom kit designed for and bearing the winners name.

Photographs and a writen discription of the process must be turned in by no later then AUGUST 1st.

Entrants may be sent in before that time but will not be posted untill after the close date.

Have fun and blow the doord off.


Something fun from down under

Narrow gauge is big in OZ. Our friend Lynn Zelmer ran a kitbash card stock contest  using the design for an Aussie cottage he came up with and some of our textures. (our Bunk house is based on his drawrings). Gavin Hinse of NGDW sent us this pic and I want to share it here to show just how versatile you can be.

We only sent out about 10 bunk house kits it’s now retired but I hope people will be inspired. beautiful card stock, yes. Thanks mates.


Picture of central camera