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Hello from Dave @ Clever Models LLC

Hello friends.  I just wanted to let ll of you know, out there that my personal email got hacked today, and some of you may have gotten some pretty strange email from me.  I appologize if you did.  It was not me.  You have probably seen the email before, as it is one of the more popular scams that has been going around lately.  I’m not even sure how I got hacked.  We are pretty careful around here.  As I said, it was my personal email account and hasn’t affected this website, but it did creep into my customer list that I have communicated with from my personal account.  Again, I appologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.


Dave Miecznikowski


Cannery to brewery

We are always happy to share pix and Jim Gore has sent us his conversion of our cannery into a brewery. As always he’s created scenes that tell great stories.




Just wanted to let everyone know that we have been invited back for a 2nd time to the Amherst Railway Society Model Show on January 29 & 30, 2011. This is a huge show and takes place in West Springfield MA the same time every year. Vendors and Manufactures are by invitation only, so I guess we did OK last year. The clip below is our HOn30 layout at last years show. We got it to the state you see it, in the video, in a little over 30 days. The only thing we had done when we got the call to come, was some of the trains. Well, it’s done now. More engines, more cars, more structures & the right side module now sports a Steel Mill. I can’t wait for you all to see it. You’ve actually seen a few glimpses in some of the structure pix, posted recently. You will have to wait till after the show for new video, though, or better yet, come on out. You won’t believe this show.

Clever Models LLC Traveling HOn30 Display Layout from Dave Miecznikowski on Vimeo.



The newest kit available for download is Habbaker’s Garage.  I mentioned on the MODELS page, that it was difficult to get a good idea of what this kit really looks like without pix from many angles.  So here are some more pix that show you the details that are not visible on the MODELS page.