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A critter and a box car

Ben Streeter is sharing a work in progress off the Critter and rolling stock DVD.  A few details left to be added, but mostly there.  Please excuse our blatent advertising on the box car.  Ben showes his usual top notch skill.


The silver city mine building

More pix to share. These come from Gael Troughton who in the persuit of accurascy, went to Google Earth and after a challenging search, found Street View pictures of the prototype.  I think I inadvertantly made that job tougher by calling the kit “Silver City”.  It’s actually located just off the V&T end of the line in Virginia City.

Gael’s model is a very accurate rendition and beautifully built here in HO.

Thanks for sharing Gael.


A bit more

From across the big wet, Marc Witten sends us an up date on his work with our Critters DVD.

Marc was one of the first people to tackel our steeplecab and his work convinced us to publish the DVD.

He also shows us a freelance warehouse flat made board on board.


A few pix to share

Steve Guthrie freelanced this shed with materials he got off the “Wood Industrial Buildings” DVD.  As a kid, he and his grandmother sold vegetables and bait from it.

I love it when builders go off the trail and start exploring.

He calles this “Retta’s shed