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Adding New Section & Works in Progress

Hey all Its Phil. Dave’s son and constructor of this here website. Both Thom and Dave have been throwing the idea back and forth about doing freebies for you guys to download and play around with. I just checked the last blog post and realized they are going about this the wrong way. So I’m adding a freebie section next to the “Buy Disks” button to the upper right corner of the site. From there I will set up organized directories so you guys can find things easily. As well as download compressed folders with the content, rather then right clicking the images and saving them. What this does is allows us to provide higher resolution and higher quality content directly too you guys. I’m also playing around with the idea of a direct download store. I also added a dedicated donate button to the left if anyone would like to donate a dollar to Clever Models.

This is purely experimental and may not be fully functional right away. Tell me what you guys think. We will try it out for a while and see if it sticks.

In addition, what are your overall grips with the website? I know there are some complaints to do with not knowing where to purchase textures and models individually. Let me remind you that they are no longer available, but there is some stock left for certain models. So if you shoot us an email and ask about something your interested in, we will be glad to help.


I’m planning on implementing some renditions to the website that should make things easier for you all. Just bare with me because my web development skills are pretty limited and I’m learning as I go.

Leave me your concerns, suggestions, complaints etc. in the comments below. I will do my best to help you guys out.


Free download Monson snow plow On30 and HOn30

 To download the free model, right click with your mouse. When the selection pull down appears, choose “save as” and save it to a location of your choosing on your hard drive. We recommend you print the files on 60lb, 80lb or 100lb card stock. Be sure your printer is set to print at 100%
HOn30 1 page
O scale model 3pages
Thank you for trying our kit. We hope you enjoy the building project and will check back regularly for new downloads. The kit is absolutely free but we have added this donate button for those who would like to and can show support for our effort by making a donation of $1 dollar.
Thom & Dave

Would this be a good free model?

Here’s a model of a Monson snow plow that I love but I’m not sure what to do with it. Jim Gore built this and i did a small amount of retouching in Photoshop to reflect design changes made after the fact (sealed windows)

It’s a bit specialised being narrow gage. Perhaps it would be better to offer something with a broader appeal. Comments. just add trucks and grab irons.



Future free downloads

Well, our experience running the free download kit contest has been eye opening to say the least. I can only say that it felt good to offer a great and unique model to all of the visitors to this web site. My brother and I are evaluating the data we were able to gather so we can make this page more useful to the modeling community. It’s obvious that free downloads will be a regular feature. we will also run additional contests from time to time, perhaps a couple a year. We may also experiment with payed instant downloads. We are still exploring what the best delivery system is for our product.

I’m trying to decide what the next free model will be. As before it will only be available for a couple of weeks, however we will not retire it as we did the tool shed. It will find a place in a future collection, probably in the extras folder that is found on every disk.

On a side note we are trying to make an effort to be involved in more shows. As noted previously Inde was great. I don’t think we can get into Trainfest as they seem to be booked solid but we will be there likely selling disks from under our coats.

See you on down the line.