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November free model

The free crossing tower (actuallt two towers) is now available in the freebies section. these are realy nice kits. we are going to keep it available for the entire month. As always the kits are free. We do ask that if you wish to support our efforts to continue to post free kits, that you make the $1 dollar donation if you can.

Thank you for your support and enjoy the build (send pix)

Thom & Dave


Another urban building

Ok, I’m kinda doing this urban thing because of Hoosier Mama. This is impossibly thin, yet based on a real prototype. Yes there are buildings just like this.

One of the nice things about commercial buildings are the interiors.  The Rudy Co. is a ficticious print shop. Our family name being a mouth full, our parents would use the name “Rudy” when ordering take out. I have no idea where that came from but no one asks us to repeat it 5 times.



Hoosier Mama Pies


We had a call a couple of weeks ago. Seems a local businessman, who routenly searches his companies name (a good practice, I do it myself) was directed to our site. We used the name Hoosier Mama for an optional sign on a kit. It’s never been released so I have no idea how it got on the web. Anyway he contacted us and wanted to see the model. He was wondering if he could have one in lieu of using the name. A fine idea from my view. I made an appointment to meet one of the owners, Craig to see how he would like the model built. The intended kit looks nothing like the very urban location of this bakery/ pie shop, but what a building. I decided right then that I would reproduce the real building facade. Since the building is locked between two other buildings, I had to use my imagination for the side walls. Craig gave me some history and let me take lots of pix inside and out. I just finished it and am starting the test build, which will be on display in the pie shop. It’s a beautiful 3 story brick, urban store front and will be on Vol. II of our”Brick and Mortar” collection. I’ll post pix as soon as I finish the test build. It was a win win day for me. I got a great new design and an awsome piece of peach pie.

Thank you Hoosier Mama



Adding New Section & Works in Progress

Hey all Its Phil. Dave’s son and constructor of this here website. Both Thom and Dave have been throwing the idea back and forth about doing freebies for you guys to download and play around with. I just checked the last blog post and realized they are going about this the wrong way. So I’m adding a freebie section next to the “Buy Disks” button to the upper right corner of the site. From there I will set up organized directories so you guys can find things easily. As well as download compressed folders with the content, rather then right clicking the images and saving them. What this does is allows us to provide higher resolution and higher quality content directly too you guys. I’m also playing around with the idea of a direct download store. I also added a dedicated donate button to the left if anyone would like to donate a dollar to Clever Models.

This is purely experimental and may not be fully functional right away. Tell me what you guys think. We will try it out for a while and see if it sticks.

In addition, what are your overall grips with the website? I know there are some complaints to do with not knowing where to purchase textures and models individually. Let me remind you that they are no longer available, but there is some stock left for certain models. So if you shoot us an email and ask about something your interested in, we will be glad to help.


I’m planning on implementing some renditions to the website that should make things easier for you all. Just bare with me because my web development skills are pretty limited and I’m learning as I go.

Leave me your concerns, suggestions, complaints etc. in the comments below. I will do my best to help you guys out.