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You might see this ad floating around starting tomorrow

We will be handing this post card ad out at the 30 Annual National Narrow Gauge Convention starting tomorrow.  You might say to yourself, “That’s a really neat model.  I’d like to have one.”  Well if you look around the web site today, you won’t find it, but come back in a couple of days.  It should be available in O and HO, to begin with, (S and N, if we get some requests) in both a right hand and left had version and with a couple of different signs.



Pix of N Scale Warehouse

Sorry to keep you all waiting.  A while ago, in a comment, my brother mentioned that I was doing a build of our Warehouse in N Scale.  I was commenting that since I seldom work in N, that I found this a real challenge and that I really admired our customers that build our kits in N.  One of them replied that they would like to see what I had done.  Well, here it is.  Now I admire the work of the N Scale crowd EVEN MORE.  This was a REAL challenge.  I ended up honing some techniques that I hadn’t used before like giving up on even trying to use my fingers and relying on multiple pairs of tweezers.  My hats off to you guys that do this all the time.  This building is 2” square by 4-1/2” tall.



Narrow Gauge Show Teaser

Just some of what you might see if you make it to our table (#315) at the 30th. Annual National Narrow Gauge Convention in St. Louis, September 1-4.  And YES, before you even ask, the side tanks and cab do fit the new BHC 0-4-0.


Upcoming Show Schedule

Currently we are hectically preparing for a trip to the 30th. Annual Narrow Gauge Convention in St. Louis from September 1st. to 4th.

We will be displaying our HOn30 Layout which has a nice selection of our structures on it and also has trains running on it that are all made from cardstock.  We will also be debuting a new DVD which will contain all the rolling stock kits that you will see running.  (And maybe some that will be a suprise.)

We will be located at table 315, on the far right side of the room, across the aisle from Precision Scale.  To see a map of the convention hall, goto  Click on the “Convention Updates” box and then “Manufacturers Floor Plan”.

We hope to have the opportunity to see many of our old friends and make many new ones.