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Something New ? Better maybe?

We still have a lot of work to do, but from time to time you may catch glimpses of a couple of new buttons on the sidebar.  Those locations will be marked as UNDER CONSTRUCTION and the buttons may be there one day and gone the next and then return as we build, but if you see them, go ahead and try them.  I’d like your feedback.


Now that the O Scale March Meet is over............

Hi all, this is Dave.  I’m sure you have seen Thom’s short followup on the meet on the Discussion Forum.

I just wanted to let you all know that since this was an O scale only meet, when we prepared the Jefferson Collection, we put the O Scale discs first.  As soon as we get the HO versions, put together, we will get them into the “BUY DISCS” section.  It may take a little while.  Thanks for your patience.

Also, now that 1st. Street is just over a year old, you will begin seeing those kits become available for individual download.


Some nice pix

Aristoteles Held has shared some pix showing more evidence of his excellent building skill.

The ever popular shed, done perfectly.

i wonder if we can talk him into sharing some of his techniques and experiences



ta da

I believe we can only sell this domestically.  Not sure why.