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Currently, over on MRR forums, there is a video tutorial on building a card stock kit.  It’s very simplified, not one of our kits but some of the information is useful.  I say some of because I have to take exception with several of the points that they swear by, that I think are just plain wrong.  I faced the dilema of making a contrary coment or, not wanting to start a flame war, let it go. I made the contrary comment. The information was just too glaringly wrong.

I want to see more cardstock designers activly making kits available. I love what “Scale Scenes” does for instance.  They have a unique approach and the results speak for themselves.  I really respect companies like “Metcalfe Models”, who have been around a long time.

Scale Model Plans (the tutorial authors) have taken a unique approach to what they offer.  Though their models are very simple, they do fill a niche that needs filling.  Only time will tell how they develope and wether or not they embrace a  more quality stance.  They obviously have the passion, but only experience will up their own standards, as they learn what’s possible.  We have seen a couple of others emerge as well who might give us a challenge, but not yet.

We’ll just have to keep aware of the slight but growing warmth under our posterior and be motivated to keep upping our game .  Lets keep our chosen modeling method growing and fresh.  If we fall down, let us know.  If you see a glaring bit of bad info, yell.  (We know our instructions, or lack of , sucks.)  We’ll work on it.  Ultimately you vote with your dollars.  Thanks for being involved with us.

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Reader Comments (7)

Are we allowed to talk about other brands here??? If so these guys seem to be doing some amazing work and are really growing:


March 22, 2014 | Unregistered Commentercnwnorthline
First thanks for asking, but I have to answer, No it's not OK.
I had to think about how to answer your post for several days. It was not a cut and dried or easy answer. I am going to be very honest.
There are several reasons why it's not OK. This is my place of business. One of the reasons it exists is because I happen to be among the ranks of the long term unemployed. Originally CM was started to some day supplement my retirement. A retirement that, it is clear to me, will never happen. Recent financial news is saying that it's not likely that folks, in my shoes, will ever return to full employment, so I'm on my own. I teach a little computer animation on line for northwestern University. I get some commercial graphic work (at a greatly reduced pay rate) and I have Clever models.
The company you mentioned is one of the few that I think do a great job. I personally like them and their product but put in their shoes I doubt they would like to see my web address on their site.
Added to this are the several companies who have sprouted up who don't do a good job and, in my mind, damage the card stock modeling reputation that we work so hard to build.
There are at least a dozen paper model forums that would be appropriate for sharing the information and I advocate using those forums, as I do. Of course we want to hear criticism as well as the praise. We have occasionally dropped the ball but we think we do a good job of rectifying problems. Being involved in the hobby and sharing opinions is vital to keeping the quality up.
The model structure business is a small pie and we are a very small slice. We are not Bar Mills or FOS or FSM who take in hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars, so I hope you will understand why we can't be casual about this. This is a battle of survival (sounds dramatic I know). We are entering our traditional slow season as people start leaving the cellar to plant gardens, mow the lawn, etc. When people return to their beloved hobby in the fall, we plan on being here. We think we will continue to grow because we enjoy what we are doing, but no one knows the future and nothing is guaranteed. When we thank you for your support, we sincerely mean it.
March 24, 2014 | Registered CommenterThom
Hi Thom,

thank you for your clear words. I hope you and CM will have even more success in the future.

Thank nyou for your work. CM stands for the finest in card worldwide.

March 24, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPeter
Thank you for understanding and even more for being involved as a part of our community.
March 24, 2014 | Registered CommenterThom
Yikes! Hope I didn't cause too much trouble!!! Don't worry I love you guys. You customers service is awesome and your kits have me hooked. Keep up the good work.
March 25, 2014 | Unregistered Commentercnwnorthline
Thom, Let me echo your sentiments. I think that Clever Models is the leading producer of cardstock models and continues to grow. I hope that you will always be prosperous and it is us cardstock modelers [yes, I do scratchbuild and I do make boxes of sticks, too] who will keep you going. This forum is for discussion of YOUR kits and hints and techniques. I am always available to comment and I plan to offer what help I can.

April 1, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJim Gore
This is going to be an interesting year. We have been discussing how and where we need to be going. First and foremost, EVERYTHING will be available for download. We are getting closer with a couple of the DVD collections already available. This is due to fewer and fewer computers being sold with DVD drives. (people who have kits on DVD, there will be something in place to keep your purchases value.)
As I mentioned earlier, in future collections will be on Jump/thumb drives. Blue sky land? At shows you will purchase a blank drive and we will fill it up for you at the show or buy a kit and it will be in your mail instantly.
Well, those are some of the thoughts. Let us know yours.
April 1, 2014 | Registered CommenterThom

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