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O Scale March Meet is fast approaching.

Just wanted to let everyone know that our next public appearance will be at the annual O Scale March Meet, on March 16, 17 & 18 at the Weston Hotel in Lombard, Illinois.  Show information is available at <>.  If your in the neighborhood, stop by.  Don’t know exactly where we will be located yet, but we’re usually easy to find.  If you’ve never been, this is an extremely well run show and if you’re into O Scale (2rail), this is the place to be.  We’ll have 2 tables.  One will probably be filled with our 1st Street Diorama and you never know what will be on the other.  I will probably be building stuff most of the time and demonstrating techniques, answering questions and generally promoting paper modeling.  You might even see some new stuff as we usually try to release new products at this show.  No, Chama won’t be there.  It’s not ready yet.  You will see a new line of lower priced DVD called the “Jackson Collection”.  Get it Jackson.  He’s on the $20.00 bill.  Guess what they cost.  We’re hoping to have 5 new discs available.  A couple of them will have 2-3 major structures on them plus our usual accompaniment of extras.  The others will have bunches of detail oriented pieces.  Things like telephone boxes, shanties of various types, relay boxes and who knows what else.

Hope to see you there.

Dave & Thom

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Reader Comments (2)

Too bad Illinois isn't just a little closer to Florida. Would love to attend for the O-scale stuff and to meet you in the flesh! Guess I will have to wait until I retire. Good luck on the show. Would love to see a disk filled with detail items. Can't wait until it is available.

February 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJim Gore
I'll second the enthusiasm for 'details' on disk or elsewhere.

I have already used the vestibule from the 'steel shed with windows' as well as the rooftop A/C unit. I kitbashed the back porch from 'small company house' to be a rooftop stairway access door (everyone needs more roof details). I'm planning a rose trellis from the lattice in the small company huse and sone nearly-horizontal basement doors from a tarpaper roof.

Would love to see wall-mounted electrical panels (both industial and household size) and some stone or brick foundations with windows. And more rooftop detils - trap doors, skylights, whatever.

I'm looking forward to it -- in whatever scale(s).
March 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLehigh

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